Strong value for high performance | Recommended models for the National Day after the National Day

The National Day has passed, and a new wave of climax has been ushered in. However, many mobile phone appearance parties are worried about insufficient performance when they buy mobile phones. In fact, many mobile phones now have not only gorgeous appearance, but also the internal configuration is very strong. Then there are some high-performance mobile phones on the market. The following Sina mobile phones introduce several models worthy of the National Day, and interested friends can pay attention to them.

Vivo X23

Reference price: 3498 yuan

Vivo X23 is a heavy new machine released by vivo on September 6th. It features main photos, high face value, HiFi sound quality, etc. The new vivo X23 is equipped with a 6.41-inch OLED full-screen full-screen screen on the front, supporting DCI- The wide color gamut of P3 shows excellent results. The back is still made of glass back cover, and the unique 'super strong coating technology' is also used to realize the effect of 3D phantom aurora, with the X23. Magic night blue and phantom purple, bring different light and shadow effects.

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The vivo X23 is made of double-glazed front and back, with a light aesthetic design on the back, a unique 3D phantom aurora pattern, a 6.41-inch 19.5:9 OLED drop screen, with a screen ratio of 91.2%, equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor. Equipped with 8GB memory + 128GB storage, equipped with the new AK4377A Hi-Fi DAC, support DeepField deep space sound. Battery capacity is 3400 mAh, support 10V/2.25A half-pressure flash charging solution. Vivo X23 is also equipped with fourth-generation photoelectric screen fingerprint The fingerprint recognition rate is further improved. The official introduction of the bright screen unlocking speed is as fast as 0.35 seconds. At the same time, the vivo X23 also supports infrared face recognition unlocking. On the vivo X23, the vivo Dual Turbo (System Turbo, Game turbo) twin-turbo engine is also added. Function. Realize the WeChat red envelope speed increase of 40%! Mainstream applications (such as WeChat, news, browser, etc.) The fluency has increased by an amazing 100%! The mainstream game (King glory, chicken, etc.) is also improved. 100%! Under the strong stress test, the game's anti-slow ability is an amazing 300% increase in data.

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The vivo X23 front lens is 12 million, and the rear is 12 million + 13 million pixels. The 12 million pixel main lens uses the Sony IMX363 sensor, the aperture f/1.8, supports full-pixel dual-core focusing technology, and the single pixel area is raised to 1.4μm. The 13 megapixel sub-lens lens is a wide-angle lens. It supports 125° large wide-angle shooting, and the user experience is quite impressive. Together with super-backlit HDR and body camera, Huanyan camera, etc., vivo X23 instantly becomes a live fan. Grab the magic weapon.

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