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Many users in the 11 holiday period have chosen to go out to play, but in the play only to find that not equipped with a good mobile phone is really too let people plug, and the operation of the queue to make the queuing process become more Agitated. At the end of the holiday ready to change a cell phone, but the money is not enough, really is very embarrassed. But it doesn't matter, in the Thousand-yuan machine hot today, There is always a mobile phone is both easy to use and cheap, to meet all your NEEDS.

today, Sina Mobile Phone for you to introduce several thousand price popular mobile phones, The price of mobile phones interested consumers may wish to pay attention to.

Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition (parametric quote forum Software)

Reference price: 1399 Yuan September 19, Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition of the Conference held in chengdu, Xiaomi 8 series added two new members: Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition and Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint Version.

Two new machine again enriched the Xiaomi 8 series of product lines, of which the trend light flagship Millet 8 youth version has a mirror effect of the gradual color trend appearance, ai naked beauty Yenga holding 24 million front camera, as well as with the well-known game manufacturers in-depth cooperation, perfect to meet the needs of the younger group of the flagship mobile PHONE. Click image to view

Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition detailed information Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition is equipped with the Dragon 660 AIE processor, The front is still haiping Liu design, with 6.26-inch 2280*1080 resolution LCD material screen, 4gb+64gb, 6GB+64GB and 6GB+128GB Three storage versions are Available. In addition, this time in order to bring users a better video game experience, the Xiaomi 8 youth version introduced a new MI sound standard, for the common voice band tuning, improve the audio DSP related algorithms, which makes the Xiaomi 8 youth version of the overall sound quality of the Promotion.

of course, Xiaomi 8 Youth edition also built-in Little Love voice assistant, preinstalled Miui 9 stable version, October can be upgraded to the latest MIUI 10 support SOS Emergency and voice drift bottle function, The body built-in 3350mAh battery, Support QC 3.0 standard Fast Charge. Click image to view

Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition detailed information Photograph aspect is this Millet 8 Youth edition of a highlight, front 24 million like camcorder IMX576 sensor lens, support SI He one pixel technology to further enhance the details of the dark light performance, can achieve AI smart nude makeup, ai portrait mode, screen smart fill, video beauty and AI intelligent scene recognition and other functions. Behind the fuselage, in addition to the fingerprint module and horizontal double-shot, and other Xiaomi 8 series, the same configuration, the rear dual 12 million-pixel AI Dual-camera lens, The main lens for the Sony IMX363 sensor, 1.4um of large single pixel size to ensure high light input to ensure overall picture quality, support dual PD rapid focus,

1 2 3 4 Ai portrait mode, ai intelligent scene recognition, AI Intelligence and other photographic experience.