In addition, with a qualitative and quantitative processing system, detection function is complete, can be on the same board a variety of different project detection, while using a variety of algorith

Drinking wine, cooked food and cooked food products, dairy products, etc. presumably is a product that people often consume, its quality safety is related to the vital interests of Consumers. Whether in the production process, or market circulation, the protection of food, drinks and food safety are indispensable to detect, related food testing instruments play an important role.

so, together to see food, drinks have what testing items and need to apply which testing equipment it!

Drinking alcohol: gas chromatography for more accurate inspection projects The annual ' Golden Nine Silver Ten ', is the liquor sales market peak Season. In order to protect the circulation of liquor quality and safety, crack down on the illegal production and processing of liquor products, comprehensive troubleshooting, The relevant departments will be a special sampling of drinks, and enterprises also need to have a sampling process in production, on the one hand, the supervision of liquor products, improve the rate of liquor,

On the other hand, liquor quality and liquor safety and health indicators have a controllable effect, and then let consumers drink ' assured wine '. According to the author understand, Most of the wine sampling items including alcohol, formaldehyde, lead, sweet, sucralose, saccharin sodium, cyanide, total acid, total ester, solids, and so on, each project indicators can be used to detect the detection of professional testing equipment, so that the detection of more rapid, Accurate.

For example, drinking wine detector, liquor gas chromatography can analyze alcohol, aldehydes, esters, acids and other more than 40 of ingredients, and food formaldehyde detector can be specialized in food and beverage in the formaldehyde content, as well as the total acid in red wine can use total acid content measuring instrument and so on. We know that a lot of liquor sold in bulk and small workshops produced liquor often exist in methanol, industrial alcohol and other toxic and harmful non-food raw materials production, ultra-limited use of food additives, illegal add drugs, want to sample out unqualified products, you need to use specialized testing instruments, such as liquor gas chromatography.

The instrument uses a six-six independent temperature control, so that the more precise temperatures, greatly improve the accuracy of the instrument, at the same time, the use of power loss, leakage protection function, to prevent the column from damage, ensure detection accuracy and Sensitivity.

Cooked food and cooked food products: Clenbuterol Testing enzyme labeling instrument to reassure consumers of food Soy sauce, marinated bacon, smoked chicken, chicken claw, crisp fish, tripe, pig head meat, beef, donkey enema, such as cooked food and cooked food products because of their convenience, unique flavor, especially by many consumers Love. however, in recent years, food safety incidents continue to occur, meat products are also widely concerned about the safety of Food.

Do not rule out the illegal addition of some illegal traders, over-the-range super-limited use of food additives and other illegal practices, making cooked food products have a certain security risks. The author learned that the general testing of cooked food and cooked food products include illegal addition of clenbuterol (clenbuterol, ractopamine amine and salbutamol and other 7 substances), as well as nitrite, preservatives, heavy metals, microorganisms, etc., the relevant institutions for clenbuterol detection will use Clenbuterol detection enzymes, special enzymes, Clenbuterol detection card

, and the nitrite detection will be applied to the Spectrophotometer. According to the industry, Clenbuterol testing enzyme testing process only need one button operation, the instrument can be automatically measured and calibrated, and full-screen display of the results, convenient for people to observe in real Time.

In addition, the instrument uses advanced embedded computer system, detection of clenbuterol content is accurate and reliable, fast detection speed, stable, especially suitable for the vegetable meat market, supermarkets and related departments, purification of meat market, so that the masses eat assured.

Dairy: Melamine Analyzers for precise, quantitative analysis With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and health, nutrition concept in-depth, The demand for dairy products Increased. Because the dairy industry development time is short, the speed is too fast, the foundation is weak, especially because the milk source management, the quality control, the detection means backwardness and so on the reason, causes the dairy quality safety question occurrence, For example ' melamine ' milk powder safety incident.

Dairy product quality and safety is not clear, the detection of unqualified will affect consumer food safety, visible, Dairy testing for the control of the ' tongue dairy ' safety is essential. The author learned that dairy products testing including physical and chemical indicators, additives, harmful substances, microbial indicators, specific detection items have trace elements, nutrition enhancer, protein, melamine, anti-agent, preservatives, bacteria, pathogenic microorganisms and veterinary drug residues, pesticide residues, heavy metals and other environmental pollutants.

however, The detection project is not through the eye, mouth taste, nasal smell, hand touch and other limb movements can come to the results, which requires the use of professional testing instruments, such as melamine analyzer, Melamine Analyzer Dairy analyzer, nutritional Components detector, protein tester and so On. For example, melamine in Dairy products, Melamine Analyzer is mainly used in milk powder, liquid milk, Dairy Product. The quantification of melamine residues in dairy beverages is rapidly detected and can be used in conjunction with the dairy production line, even with no computer support.