In short, the future of China's self-heating food will be rich in nutrition, variety, high efficiency self-heat, safe performance, easy to use, easy to carry the direction of development, and its hig

In recent years, to Self-hot hot pot, self-hot rice, self-heating noodles, from hot pot rice, such as the representative of the convenience of self-heated food quickly became a popular network red food, convenient, Convenient is one of the keywords of hot food, but also face various problems, such as the existence of poor nutritional balance, security can not be high. As we all know, China's self-heating food began in the military, for the field work, outdoor activities, such as the food and beverage provided an effective guarantee. however, with the rapid development of the Non-field environment self-heating food consumption market, China's civil self-heating Food Market scale has more than 3 billion, the growth rate of more than 20% per year. According to the data, 2017 since hot pot became a shopping site faster growth of the ' dark Horse ', in the ' Double 11 ' shopping festival is an explosive growth, the same day sold on the Millions.

This year, the self-heating food market, represented by hot pot, has maintained a rapid growth momentum. After the author searches, Browse found that the online sales of self-heating food category diversity, There is a common self-heating hot pot, since hot rice, but also emerged from hot crayfish, self-heating luo si powder, self-hot noodles, self-heat rice noodles, self-hot pickled cabbage fish, self-heating stew, self-hot bone soup, self-hot barbecue, etc.

Remember in the variety show "wife's romantic travel", should take son from Wei there to find the ' self-hot hotpot ', a few people eat, big call fun! It also reflects on a certain course that the self-heating food is loved by various industry groups. So why is self-heating food popular with consumers? some people believe that, on the one hand, the hot food itself has the convenience of carrying, edible convenient advantages, only need a little cold water, a few minutes to enjoy the hot food, on the other hand, the category of diverse, rich in food, rice, pasta, vegetables, porridge, hot pot and so on,

Not only meet the needs of urban fast-paced life snacks, but also can be used as the first choice for tourism travel. It is worth mentioning that, with the rise of 90, 00 of the new generation of consumer groups, as well as the whole food industry in the health, nutrition transformation of the background, consumption gradually showed a diversified, personalized, high-end nutrition trends, which also for the convenience of food processing technology, technology put forward higher requirements.

Industry personnel pointed out that the domestic self-heating food has been using high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization technology, although the technology to ensure the safety of food, but also caused by food in color, flavor, Nutrition and other aspects of deterioration, such as high-temperature rice is easy to reverse, meat, vegetable color change, oil and water separation, food color flavor is Poor. The author learned that there are enterprises through the upgrading of processing technology, technology, with freeze-dried vegetables to replace the previous Pickles products, so that the effect of better vegetable recovery, nutrient loss less, color is also closer to fresh vegetables, so that the traditional vegetables in the high temperature conditions to change the color of the problem, to ensure the color of vegetables, flavor and Taste.

In fact, in addition to ensuring the nutritional flavor, but also to pay attention to self-heating food use safety problems. We know that since the use of hot food products due to the occurrence of safety incidents, This also allows consumers to self-heating food safety concerns.

In general, the heating Bau is mainly chemical heating, the initial use of quicklime, add water reaction exothermic, because the self-heating technology is not advanced, the United states, The chemical self-heated device has entered the fifth generation, and our country is still in the second, the third Generation. More importantly, the user in the process of improper operation or the heating package has a quality safety problem, the temperature can reach 150 ℃, easy to cause the user burns, and once the heating package is damaged or inflated, may be sprayed with high temperature liquid, if the vent hole blocked, it is possible to cause small explosions.

To this end, the local research team began to explore the path of self-heating food efficiency improvement, including the development of new heating devices, improve energy efficiency release and utilization efficiency, improve the safety level, enhance the self-heating device in various scenarios and the effectiveness of the protection Capability. In addition, the Ministry of Science and Technology has launched the ' Field self-heating food quality improvement and manufacturing key technology research ' Project. The project laboratory is developing self-propagating high-temperature processing technology, The release of heat, the excitation time is short, complex heat only six seconds, and not affected by the weather, applicable to a variety of scenarios, use without adding water will not be produced hydrogen, safe, convenient, Fast.

In short, the future of China's self-heating food will be rich in nutrition, variety, high efficiency self-heat, safe performance, easy to use, easy to carry the direction of development, and its high-efficiency self-heating security is Imminent. Self-heating food momentum Just right | Heating package High efficiency self-heating safety improvement imminent