The municipalities determine the specific subsidy standards in the region according to local Conditions. Guangdong Province to build a charging pile of about 60,000 total has been to meet the needs of

October 4, from the provincial Development and Reform Commission in response to the proposal of the representative of People's Congress learned that by the end of last year, Guangdong province completed charging piles of about 60,000, as of the end of 2017, the whole province of new energy vehicles to promote the application of more than 200,000 vehicles, which need to charge a charging pile of pure electric vehicles about 145,800; completed charging stations

, expressway intercity charging station 38, charging piles (not including private charging piles) about 60,000, the current Pile-car ratio has reached 1:2.4, the overall has met my province electric vehicle charging NEEDS.

At present, Guangdong Province has set up a monthly charging facility construction report system, the annual plan to break down to the city, and will be included in the City's energy-saving target assessment of the scope of responsibility evaluation, urging all over the acceleration of Construction. According to the Guangdong province electric vehicle charging infrastructure planning, by 2020 the province completed charging station (including Expressway fast charging Station) 1420, built a decentralized charging pile about 350,000, to meet the province about 410,000 electric vehicle charging demand, The Pearl River Delta public charging piles and electric vehicles ratio of not less than 1:5,

No less than 1:7 in North guangdong, guangdong. To speed up the progress of construction, the provincial Development and Reform Commission said in its reply that the annual planning task of the charging facility has been clarified, further pressing the principal responsibility of the field City. According to the planning content and the annual provincial government work requirements, the charging facility construction annual plan decomposition released to the municipalities, the establishment of charging facilities construction work monthly reporting mechanism, and the electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction into the provincial government to the city government energy-saving goal responsibility evaluation and assessment scope, urge all over the city, Provincial Transportation group and Grid company to implement the responsibility

, and take effective measures to promote the construction of charging infrastructure Everywhere. At present, Guangdong province to the 2016-2020 charging infrastructure subsidies, including the 2016-2018 charging facility construction subsidy standard (including National award and Provincial Subsidy) according to the rated output power, that is, the DC pile is not higher than 550 yuan/kw, The AC pile is not higher than 100 yuan/kw to be Subsidized.