Reading: Printers can also have a social experience? HP Sprocket II will change this way | Printers can also have a social experience? HP Sprocket II will change this way

As early as 2016, Hewlett-Packard released the Sprocket series of portable photo printing products with Zink technology as the core. After two years, we may see its second generation products at the end of this year. But this time, HP Sprocket II products will More social attributes have been added. With the new device, multiple users can instantly connect and queue their photos. Interestingly, the LED lights on Sprocket II can change colors when printing photos from different users.

However, before printing, all users must first install the matching Sprocket application. In addition, although HP does not give specific numbers, it does say that only a limited number of users can be connected at a time. It is worth mentioning that, The print quality of Sprocket has also been improved, which is more clear and color-developing than the original products. In terms of appearance, it can be selected from lunar pearl, black (noir), red (blush) and lavender (lilac).

Although not a key feature, the Sprocket app updates support for augmented reality, which you can use to view the status of the print queue and Sprocket.

According to breaking news, HP will launch a feature called 'Shared Experience' later this fall. It can create albums based on user activity and allow attendees to view them through the Sprocket app.

Sprocket 2nd Edition will be available soon. Interested friends can purchase through HP's official website, Amazon or Best Buy. The price is 129.99 USD (900 RMB, of course, certainly not only for this price in China).

Editor's Note: If you only rely on a LED light that can distinguish who prints photos, it is a bit too casual. Based on the experience of HP Sprocket, we think that this series of products should not only improve the user experience, but also print fine. The degree has been upgraded, and finally the product is more competitive in the market.