The role of the fresh air system, do you really understand?

The development of the fresh air system is booming. A year ago, we were still popularizing what is a fresh air system. Nowadays, the fresh air system has entered thousands of households. The reason why the fresh air system has developed so fast is not because of smog, but because of The outbreak of indoor air pollution and our improvement in the quality of life have prompted the rapid maturity of the market for fresh air systems.

The rapid development of the market has also led to our incomplete understanding of the fresh air system. Let's take a look at some of the misunderstandings we have about the fresh air system!

Although the fresh air system is only because the smog has entered the outbreak of development, in fact, except for the cockroach, which is only one of the many functions of the fresh air system, the function of the fresh air system is mainly to improve the indoor air quality through the replacement of indoor and outdoor air. , indoor formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other pollutants are discharged indoors, reduce indoor carbon dioxide content, increase indoor oxygen content, so that our living environment is fresh and natural.

Then when the outdoor air is not good, we naturally need to purify when introducing fresh air. The fresh air system has a certain purification ability due to the existence of the filter. So, the more the number of mesh layers in the fresh air system, the better?

When the fresh air system introduces outdoor air into the room, the main filter is PM2.5, PM0.3 and other particulate matter in the air, so only the HEPA filter is needed. Here we need to avoid the use of electrostatic dust collection. Because electrostatic dust collection will produce ozone when it is used, it is undoubtedly an increase in another type of air pollution. Therefore, when purchasing an air purifier, we should choose pure physical filtration.

The more the number of filter layers, the higher the maintenance cost, because the filter needs to be replaced regularly, otherwise the dust will accumulate on the surface, causing indoor pollution. It can be said that too many filter layers are a waste, and also Will increase the wind resistance, greatly affecting the amount of fresh air, and the number of layers of the filter is generally 2-4 according to the amount of fresh air.

Then, is the new wind introduced by the fresh air system 360° without dead angle? We have obtained several tests by the Northrenger intelligent new fan. The fresh air system using the positive and negative pressure principle has a very uniform ventilation effect. Ventilation in every corner of the room. The effect is the same, it is impossible to leave a 'dead angle'.

Of course, we have this kind of question, because in the initial stage of the new wind, the air volume is generally small, and it can't take care of the corners and corners in the indoor space. But with the development of the fresh air system, for now, the wind of the big wind The system is everywhere, ensuring a uniform fresh air in every corner. In short, as long as the design is reasonable, the air volume is large enough to effectively ventilate the entire indoor space.