Alibaba established | 'Bingtou Ge' | Company | What can the instrument industry learn?

Recently, Alibaba announced the establishment of Pingtou Ge Semiconductor Research Co., which is undoubtedly once again bringing the spirit of 'Pingtou Ge' to fire. Instrumentation As an important part of the manufacturing industry, the industry can not lack such a spirit.

Affected by the Sino-US trade war, China's semiconductor chip core technology is missing, so many companies are strengthening the independent research and development of chips. On September 19, 2018, Alibaba CTO, Dharma Dean Zhang Jianfeng in 2018 At the Yunqi Conference, Alibaba will establish an independent semiconductor company, 'Pingtou Ge'. The initial research and development of Pingtouge Semiconductor Research Co., Ltd. focuses on artificial intelligence chips and embedded chip design.

It is understood that the name of the chip company comes from the creativity of Ma Yun. As the net of the animal world, 'Bingtou Ge' has always appeared in people's minds with a very powerful image. It can be seen that this time Ali Baba's establishment of Pingtou Ge Semiconductor Research Co., Ltd. is also the spirit and strength to develop core technology chips.

This mysterious 'flat head brother' is actually a nickname for the African savannah wildlife 'candied fruit'. 'Candied fruit' is known as 'the world's most dangerous animal”, because of its fighting power explosion table (Viper, tiger Leopards are not opponents. They are keen on fighting (not on the dry shelf, on the way to the dry shelf) and become a net red animal.

Undoubtedly, candied fruit has strong fighting ability and fearless spirit. Even in the face of viper and beast, can't stop the courage to fight forward, this kind of spirit that is not afraid of hardship is also worthy. instrument meter Industry learning.

Although the instrumentation industry has developed a certain scale in the international market after years of development, there are still many shortcomings in the core technology. At present, foreign instruments and meters are higher in technology than domestically produced instruments and meters, thus causing many metrology institutes. When purchasing instruments and meters, they tend to be more inclined to foreign instruments and meters. In many bidding projects issued by the National Recruitment Network, there are many items, especially those with high precision requirements, which are often only imported and not domestically.

The key core technology is to come, can't buy, can't get it. The recent ZTE incident illustrates this problem. If the instrumentation industry only borrows the core technology of others, it can't really realize the development of the industry. Only by mastering the core technology in its own hands can we truly realize the construction of a strong manufacturing country in China.

However, it should be noted that although the candied fruit is brave, it is not courageous. On the one hand, the preserved skin is smooth and tough, and it is difficult for other animals to injure the body. On the other hand, the body has a strong detoxification ability. When the bee stings or is bitten by a poisonous snake, it will heal after falling down for a few hours.

In addition to the determination not to be afraid of suffering, the instrumentation industry also needs internal training. In the face of the current development of China's core technology, the state has also issued a number of measures to carry out major science and technology project establishment and organization implementation methods, scientific research performance evaluation mechanism. , reform of soft and hard infrastructure construction, etc., establish a good atmosphere for researchers and enterprises to innovate in research and development.

For instrumentation companies, we must also grasp the general trend, aim at the technological frontier of the instrumentation industry, shoulder the heavy responsibility of the instrumentation industry, and actively cooperate with the research institutes and universities, and work hard in key areas, where the neck is gathered, Elite power, strive to make more valuable original results, and actively seize the commanding heights of the instrumentation industry.

Only by cultivating good internal strength, plus the spirit of not being afraid of hardships and difficulties, can we truly develop core technologies and promote the continuous development of the instrumentation industry. At the same time, for instrumentation enterprises, only the core technology can be mastered. Pingtou Ge' is as invincible in the market competition.