Fluke was invited to participate in the National Annual Conference on Temperature Measurement Development and Application Technology

Recently, the China Metrology and Testing Society Temperature Measurement Professional Committee hosted an academic exchange meeting on temperature measurement development and application technology in Changsha, Hunan. The meeting combined with domestic and international temperature measurement development trends, national strong inspection information platform construction, industrial measurement development dynamics and other temperature frontier research. And temperature measurement application technology, on-line monitoring status and development have been discussed, and the current temperature detection technology hotspots, industry applications and temperature-related procedures, normative revisions, formulation and other content has carried out extensive and in-depth technical exchanges. More than 200 technicians and industry experts engaged in temperature measurement at the institute attended the meeting.

Fluke Calibration and Calibration was invited to attend this annual meeting. During the annual meeting, experts from Fluke Calibration and Calibration introduced and explained the latest solutions and products related to 'Research on Mercury Thermometer Replacement Work', and 5128A Temperature Humidity generator and 1595A super resistance thermometer widely praised by the industry. Fluke Calibration and Calibration Department's rich industry experience and professional technical information have attracted many people from the industry for consultation and communication. The positive feedback from the audience attracted Yixing. The local media and the "Measurement Technology" magazine reported on the details of the participation of Fluke Calibration Department on-site and after-the-fact.

In addition, Mr. Duan Yuning, Party Secretary of the China Institute of Metrology, Vice President and Chairman of the Temperature Professional Committee, brought a new report on the development of temperature measurement. The industrial measurement expert, Beijing Institute of Drug Control, also focused on the current The issue of vaccines that triggered social debates was elaborated on the need for closely related cold chain measurement.

Figure 1: Communicate with users during the meeting

Figure 2: Opening Ceremony of the Temperature Measurement Annual Meeting