KOKUYO needleless stapler turned into Harinacs style

Environmental protection is justified, and we must strive for added value above environmental protection.

To say that the stapler is the stapler, the basic product is the stapler. KOKUYO has been trying to find a way to replace the standard stapler with metal staples, but it has not reached the level of commercialization. The whole company has started to invest in the "Environmental Protection and Marking" campaign. The team responsible for development takes "environmental protection" as a matter of course. On the basis of environmental protection, the theme of "happy and environmentally friendly" is simpler and more fun. Dedicated to investigating, researching, developing pleasant and more efficient products, or sustainable environmental protection methods without restraint.
In this way, "Harinacs" was born in 2009, and the current global sales have exceeded 10 million.

Listen to the voice of customers and create goods that are good for society

The goal set during development is "environmental protection + α". The needleless stapler, as its name suggests, is a stapler that does not require staples. No staples are energy-saving things. They do not need to be disposed of separately, so they can improve their work. Efficiency. Although it is a functional stationery, from a unique shape, you may have a voice in your heart saying: 'When you see the Harinacs needleless stapler, it looks really like?〇. '
So today this day, our theme is 'Harinacs turned out!' .

"Harinacs" needleless stapler - Shinkansen -

The white embossed needleless stapler turned into a 'shinkansen'! In the first picture, the 'shinkansen' is pressed under the Shinkansen railway near Shinagawa Station.

"Harinacs" needleless stapler - fire truck -

The 70th anniversary of the Kobe City Fire Department, turned into a 'fire truck', because the needleless stapler and the fire truck are very similar in shape, which led to the cooperation. Finally decided to combine the stationery and the illustration to make this fire enlightenment. An embossed needleless stapler, especially like a fire ladder truck.

"Harinacs" needleless stapler - Comet -

The embossed needleless stapler turned into a '喵星人'! The creator of the avatar writer A曽uma1 said: 'When I saw the embossed needleless stapler, I felt that it was especially like the pose of the comet's full-length book fair, so its nickname It is a comet stapler, you can also do Wang Xingren stapler.

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