Long battery life / big memory strength pie | glory play 8C evaluation

Nowadays, the so-called 'consumption upgrade' has become more common in the mobile phone market. Many brands have long abandoned the once-hot market for entry-level smartphones. But for many blue-collar or students who do not have heavy demand for smartphones, at the time of purchase. The room for choice is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, in the market of entry-level smartphones, there are not many brands that can be planned until today, and it has been one of the strengths of the Internet brand glory. , making the glory 'playing' this series has a rich product line in this market and precise control of product positioning.

Knowing the glory products, we know that in the glory 'Happy' series, the products are divided into C/A and digital series. The positioning of each product is more subdivided, highlighting the selling points of each product and forming a distinct differentiation. For consumers, they offer more choices to make it easier to purchase products for their own needs. In general, the users of the series are mainly focused on making calls, sending WeChat, etc. Function, and such users tend to pay more attention to the balance between the price and quality of the mobile phone. This kind of demand is also the foundation for the development of the glory play series. It is also based on this background, the new release of glory 8C focus In the 'two days a charge, big memory' such a more realistic product experience.

A combination of appearance and practical design

The glory of playing 8C adopts the more popular Liu Haiping design, although this design is not a new trend, but it is also in line with the popular elements of the moment. It is worth mentioning that the glory play 8C also supports TÜV Rheinland certification. Eye protection mode, from ultraviolet light, infrared light, blue light damage level to the human eye, heat of the retina, etc. to measure the impact of the screen of the mobile phone on the user's eyes, to ensure the safety of the human eye.

In 'Liu Hai', glory playing 8C also equipped with Face Recognition 2.0, added the screen fill function on the basis of glory play 7C, even in the dark environment, can still achieve face recognition.

The back of the fuselage, glory play 8C uses a rare 'smoke color' glare body, using 3D printing technology with nano-level glare texture design, bringing Aurora Blue, Platinum Gold, Magic Night Black, 4. The four colors of the nebula purple look more spiritual in appearance.

In addition, the glory of the 8C back also uses the horizontal design that is more commonly used this year's glory, the 'AI CAMERA' and 'Honor' logos are written horizontally next to the camera. When photographed by the horizontal handshake, there is a feeling of a digital camera.

Although the glory of playing 8C uses 4000mAh battery, but the glory of playing 8C is only 7.98mm body thickness, has a good grip. And 4000mAh battery capacity, it guarantees the glory to play 8C excellent endurance. In the case that the mobile phone life is generally weak, the glory of playing 8C is still very practical at this point.

In addition, the glory play 8C also adopts a three-card slot design, which can insert 2 SIM cards and 1 mobile phone memory card. The main and secondary SIM cards support mobile, Unicom, Telecom 4G/3G/2G network, and main and secondary cards. You can switch at will. This is very convenient for a user with a private number.

In general, the glory of playing 8C has a more fashionable color, and nowadays popular Liu Haiping, and installed a 4000mAh large battery in a relatively slim body, taking into account the balance between design and practicality.

Life experience:

The performance of smart phones is getting stronger and stronger, but the battery technology of lithium-ion polymers has already reached the bottleneck. Therefore, it is not only the performance that plagues consumers, but also affects the actual user experience of mobile phone life. 4000mAh large battery, and put forward the slogan of 'two days and one charge'. Therefore, we also tested the glory of playing 8C's battery life.

Test environment: Mobile phone link Wifi, screen brightness (automatic), ambient room temperature.

Through the table, you can see that the glory of playing 8C's battery life is really very good, especially in the video and navigation, the two functions of the usual heavy power consumption, have a good performance. And I get the phone, I installed Use the SIM card for daily use. In the case of heavy use, it will be charged for about one and a half days, and if it is used moderately or slightly, it can basically do two days of official filling.

Face recognition 2.0

As early as last year's glory play 7C, glory equipped with face recognition, the first time to put the flagship machine features to the hundred yuan machine. And this year's glory 8C, glory to further enhance the face recognition experience, Join the raised screen to create face recognition 2.0. And at night, glory play 8C to increase the LED screen fill light, can also be successfully unlocked in the dark.

In addition, in terms of security, glory adopts face recognition technology based on 1024 feature dimensions. The unlock information will not be uploaded to the network, and all the identification information will be stored in the local security zone to further ensure the privacy of the user.

Therefore, after the face recognition is turned on, the glory play 8C will recognize whether it is the owner when receiving the message (such as WeChat). Only the owner can see the specific information. If the phone detects that it is not the owner, then Hide specific information to protect user security.

Photo test:

In terms of hardware configuration, the glory play 8C adopts 13 million + 2 megapixel dual-lens lens, the aperture is F1.8, and also supports the glory AI mode, which can intelligently identify 22 independent scenes, 500+ scene combinations, and Exclusive optimization for different scenes. What is the actual photo effect, we look at the proofs.

It can be seen that the glory play 8C in the daytime light scene, the photo effect is good, thanks to the AI ​​blessing, the color saturation of the wheat in the rice field is relatively high, bringing the feeling of autumn harvest.

Thanks to the aperture of F1.8, in the normal mode, the glory of playing 8C brings a good depth of field effect, the transparency and layering of the whole picture are good.

In the nighttime photo shooting, glory playing 8C will open multi-frame noise reduction in the scene of dark light conditions, effectively improve the brightness of the picture, and control the noise of the sky is better than the imagination. The whole picture The purity is still good.

to sum up:

In today's many brands are pursuing the so-called 'consumption upgrade', glory still adheres to its own beliefs. In order to improve the user experience, the memory, etc., to solve the pain points of the user's actual use. Also for face recognition The function is further enhanced. In the glory of playing 7C became the first thousand yuan machine to support this function, continue to strengthen the user experience, enhance user stickiness, and raise the competition this year to a new height, further consolidate the status of the first Internet brand of glory .