From October 1st, Haier water heater 52 product warranty increased to 8 years

From October 1st, Haier gas water heater upgrade part of the product warranty period is 8 years. Compared with the industry general warranty period of 3-6 years, Haier gas water heater upgrade this warranty for 8 years of products covering offline dual gas security, carbon monoxide security 52 models, such as models and online channels, have solved the worries of users.

According to the national standard GB17905-2004 "Safety Management Regulations for Domestic Gas Burning Appliances" 7.3.1: Since the day of sale, the liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas water heaters have a default period of 8 years. Haier guarantees the whole life cycle for users. The warranty enhances the user experience.

The industry believes that the warranty period of the water heater is the embodiment of the company's confidence in quality. The longer the warranty, the more confidence the company has in product quality. In the user's view, the product exceeds the warranty period and means that the manufacturer's quality and service guarantee cannot be enjoyed. There are more safety concerns. Haier water heaters have an 8-year warranty on the line of dual-air security, carbon monoxide security and online designated products. Within 8 years, users can enjoy the whole machine repair, free of parts replacement, free of labor. Door-to-door fees and other services.

It is reported that this year, Haier water heaters continue to set off a service revolution in the industry. Since August, Haier water heaters have subverted the industry's after-sales installation fees, material costs, and launched a 0 yuan installation service, which has covered more than 10,000 families nationwide, bringing better users. Service experience. In addition, Haier water heaters bring service upgrades in the whole process of door design, complete design, hydropower construction, acceptance and maintenance, etc., bringing value-added services.

Industry experts believe that the use of over-age gas water heaters will have five major drawbacks: First, the water heater thermal efficiency is reduced, the burning rate of the 6-year old machine is 50% of the first year, the gas consumption has doubled; second, overtime use leads to The water heater is fouled and the heating speed is slowed down. Third, the heat exchanger clogging is blocked, causing incomplete combustion, carbon monoxide exceeding the standard, causing gas poisoning. Fourth, the gas source is not clean, there are many impurities, causing nozzle clogging, not easy to hit. On the fire; fifth, long-term use, the aging of each component, especially after the film inside the water valve is damaged, the starting water pressure is too high, the water heater can not even work when it is serious. Experts suggest that gas water heaters have more problems in overdue service, if For more than 8 years, consider replacing the new water heater.

It is reported that the water heater market will shift from the competition of the original incremental market to the competition of the stock market. Under the 'one person in one' mode, Haier water heaters continue to interact with user needs, continuously iterate product and service experience, and meet new user needs. Haier water heater achieved a cumulative growth of 18.01% in the case of cumulative industry sales growth of -5.48%.