A few easy steps, take a slow motion blockbuster with the Sony Xperia XZ3

Due to the rapid development of mobile phone shooting in the past two years, I believe that mobile phones have become the priority shooting tool for everyone. At the same time, with the vibrato, fast video and other short video applications, more and more users began to pick up their mobile phones to shoot video. Through the shooting effects of mobile phones and some of their shooting skills, you can collide with countless ideas and possibilities.

Today, Aliang uses Sony's latest flagship Xperia XZ3 as a reference. It is a few easy steps to teach you how to shoot super slow motion videos with large visuals.

At present, most of the flagship mobile phones on the market support recording slow-motion video, but Sony mobile phones are preemptive in this function, with obvious technical lead, capable of shooting 960 frames of 1080P full HD slow motion shots, making the picture clearer. More shocking.

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