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To lift the Bluetooth headset, Andy has always been Apple's airpods to serve as a benchmark, not to say airpods sound good, but headphones in the experience of the convenience, however this kind of Split-type bluetooth headset The biggest drawback is the robustness of the wearing, so it is not suitable for sports occasions in a wear.

and the neck belt bluetooth headset Just can solve this problem perfectly, today just for you to introduce a famous international audio brand JBL Live 200BT bluetooth headset.

JBL presumably do not need me to do more introduction, as Harman's focus on fashion-quality brands, Jbl's products are always leading the trend of fashion, this live 200BT Bluetooth headset, Whether it is the shape and color, feel is walking in the forefront of fashion technology, now we have to learn more about it.

Appearance appreciation: Small and delicate, comfortable neck-hanging design first, Andy to explain why the neck wearing Bluetooth headset is more suitable for sports occasions, The main reason is the neck-wearing bluetooth headset in the product structure, the main function of the headset, including batteries, are concentrated in the collar part, and the collar has our neck to do support, so no matter how you move,

The headset itself does not have a downward gravitational potential energy, and the collar can also ensure that your headphones fall during the movement, playing a double protection function. The JBL LIVE 200BT headset is packaged in a clean, eco-friendly, open package, and we see several common accessories for Bluetooth headsets in different sizes of earplugs, USB cable, and several product Manuals.

JBL this test is green, although not my favorite color, but this green can be said a little bit good, more fashionable kind of dark Dark. The overall shape of the headset is similar to most neck band Bluetooth headsets, and the overall design pursues simplification and lightweighting. The overall texture of the headset is lightweight, but there is no sense of cheapness, such as the use of a polished aluminum material on both sides of the ear, which is very textured.

The collar part is made of very soft silica gel, which also takes into account that this part will be directly in contact with the human skin, Andy feel very comfortable during wearing. Compared to airpods like the Split-type bluetooth headset, the Neckband headset can not be said to be a true wireless headset, although the headset cable is very short, but there is a risk of being entangled, this point JBL gives a good solution.

That is, JBL uses a braided line of material, rather than the ordinary rubber line, on the one hand, and the Headset's collar material to make a distinction, but also very good to avoid the problem of cord winding.

The key and interface parts of the JBL LIVE 200BT bluetooth headset are concentrated on the right side of the collar of the headset, even though we do not feel that the center of gravity of the headset is shifted to the right, perhaps by mating on the left, so the overall balance of the headset is very good.

Experience: pairing fast, Sound and solid In terms of functional operation, the user can use the buttons located on the left-hand collar to perform the volume-subtraction and pause (bluetooth Pairing) operation, While the power-on is achieved by using a toggle button and a long press.

While we are listening to music, we have phone calls, pause keys and the ability to turn on Hands-free calls and voice Assistants.

It is worth mentioning that users can invoke the AI function of the phone by pressing the pause button, and the Andy iphone can easily enter Siri for the next Step.

With these four buttons, the pause key has a blind spot design that allows the user to quickly find each key in the process to complete the Operation. The actual wearing, comfort level Andy has just mentioned, to the ears completely no load-bearing sense, and the overall weight of the machine on the neck is also insignificant.

In addition, the side of the headset unit can be magnetic phase suction, better to ensure that the headset is not practical when lost. Although it is a Bluetooth headset, sound quality we can not listen to, Andy with the iphone 8 as a test device, Bluetooth pairing is very smooth, and the user only need to pair once, the second after the use of the basic is the second Connection. As an in-ear headphones, LIVE 200BT sound insulation is still good, outdoor environment, in addition to a little bit of wind noise in the case of mute, but basically does not affect the normal use. low-frequency, saturation is slightly higher than the same level of products, the potential is sufficient, the sense of quantity is very abundant, more relaxed texture; Can obviously feel the rhythm and texture of the drums in the music, the details are just right, there is no excess of the muddy; High-frequency aspect, The audition is very full of solid, retractable freely, The details of the vocal part of the delicate spring festival, The voice can be described with a bright, malleable can do moderate, between the range of excessive is more natural.

In addition, Andy also used this headset experience a mobile phone version to eat chicken, no delay and lag phenomenon, three-dimensional sense of strong, sound is also quite shocking, like Andy this electric game weak chicken is fully enough

Pconline Summary As a Bluetooth headset, sound quality, stability and appearance, three indispensable, and JBL LIVE 200BT in the above three basic can play a 80 points, although not very prominent, but there is no obvious shortcomings, is a good Bluetooth music headset, The current product has been listed, 599 of the price