French invented weird mobile phone accessories | Let the phone grow out all the time!

I have seen a variety of mobile phone accessories, but the following accessories, you may have never heard of it.

Recently, French researchers have unveiled a rather strange mobile phone accessory that simulates a finger and performs various realistic actions. You can think of adding a prosthetic to your mobile phone.

The mobile phone accessory, called MobiLimb, is a research project by French university doctoral student Marc Teyssier and his team. Teyssier said that the development of MobiLimb is designed to help mobile devices overcome their static limitations, just as humans use mechanical devices to overcome physical limitations. .

MobiLimb is made up of 5 servo motors, 1 Arduino microcontroller and 1 sensor. After inserting into the mobile phone, it can simulate the action of real human fingers. The researchers added the simulated skin to it. It looks like It is the same as a finger on the phone.

So, what can this finger do? It can be used as a mobile phone holder, and adjust various angles by itself. It can drive the mobile phone to move together. It can operate like your finger. In addition, it can also be used in your hand. Touching the back of your hand... (PS: Feeling weird)

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