Only 64 yuan | Nanfu 10W wireless fast charge big price cuts

As more and more mobile phones join the wireless charging function, wireless charging becomes a new "Net Red" overnight, and will soon become the standard for mobile phones.

Nanfu has launched its wireless charger, one of which is a 10W fast charging wireless charger called Aircharge. The original price is 79 yuan, and now it can receive 15 yuan coupons, and the price is 64 yuan.

As the fastest charging wireless charger for iPhone, this generation of products has developed a special pure copper transmitting coil according to the exclusive receiving coil of the iPhone, so that the power is more concentrated and the charging is faster.

Aircharge wireless charging safety factor is comparable to that of Apple. It adopts unique 'Heat Radiation' cooling channel design and has 124 fine cooling holes, which effectively prolongs the service life of mobile phone battery.

It also has wireless with charging, 10W safe fast charge, Fod foreign object detection, 8mm shelled array and many other functions.

Because Nanfu is a member of the International Wireless Charging Alliance, its wireless charging is in line with the international Qi standard. Therefore, in addition to charging the iPhone very fast, it can also be compatible with other mobile phones that support wireless charging. It is practical.

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