This year 11 National day, TCL Refrigerator washing machine for the gratitude of the user 20 intimate companion, has opened the great benefits of promotional activities, a variety of quality products

Immediately to the national day, I believe many friends have set foot on the way home, looking forward to the early reunion and pro-people. Compared to travel, perennial outside the wandering to fight the young people more willing to use seven days long vacation accompany their parents and children, enjoy family. If you are also a member of the Golden Week home, if you also want to do a filial piety for the parents, to bring a health care for the child, then you may wish to bring a powerful TCL-free washing machine home, as a special gift to them.

Let the forefront of intelligent technology to help the family to liberate their hands, so that the TCL-free washing machine with their ' net ' accompany.

100% All-pollution-free health Guardian family I'm relieved What is happiness? Is the struggle and struggle when the family in the rear of the silent support, is the child healthy and happy to thrive, but also the peace and health of the elderly on both sides. We often lose the meaning of our work and neglect the attention and concern of our family. Even in the communications developed by the convenience of today, we and our families are always getting together very little more.

This national day, compared to the family to bring ordinary health care gifts, may let them put down the hands of toil, experience the clean washing of the TCL pollution-free washing machine, more forthcoming cold autumn ready to come. It is well known that the use of ordinary washing machine after six months, residue of a lot of dirt, long-term breeding germs, so that family clothes washing time suffered two times pollution. Long-term wearing sewage washed clothes, the harm is self-evident, washing machine in the mold to women as much as 60.2% of the damage to the lower immunity of children more harmful. In the face of this problem, Tcl lasted three years, breaking through the traditional technical barriers, the first new category of pollution-free washing machine. At present, TCL-free washing machine to provide users with all-round, the whole process, the whole life of the system, to achieve total pollution-free 100% health care.

Let users completely farewell to laundry two times pollution, cross-contamination, for users to create from clean laundry, health care, comfortable wear to dignified travel all-round intimate care. Autumn Rainy in the south, not conducive to the drying of clothing bedding, when using the TCL-free roller washing machine is the best choice. It pioneered low-speed dry condensation dryer, double-layer high-efficiency metal condenser, to achieve a 40-minute fast washing and drying, 50 ℃ at a low temperature to dry, so that clothes in the low-temperature drying process, even wool, down, silk and other materials can achieve exquisite drying care. In this way, both the elderly and the children can enjoy warm clothes, dry and comfortable sleep.

Coupled with 45 decibels of washing mute, t-di intelligent precision automatic delivery and other innovative technology together for user laundry to bring a healthy and comfortable laundry experience. And for the home of many, two baby family, TCL-free bucket barrel washing machine in the appearance of each family members of the exclusive washing became possible. TCL-free bucket drum washing machine using barrels in the barrel technology principle, to create 1+n exclusive space, with ' 1+n ' type of washing mode, to achieve a washing machine to meet the needs of the whole family or many people, really do the exclusive +, health +.

Even underwear, socks have a dedicated washing space, not only convenient, but also avoid the family clothing between the cross infection, guarding the baby's health.

Dare to dare to adhere to the TCL Ice Wash practice the new mission of Big Power brand The Ancients cloud: The good people know the person, the good thinking person bosom. Meaning, to be intimate, we need to understand each other's needs, to stand in each other's perspective, to think, to explore, to innovate.

TCL refrigerator washing machine is originated from the persistent needs of users, adhering to the healthy lives of users and innovative beginner's mind, just won the user's recognition and trust. For more than 20 years, TCL refrigerator washing machine not only with the new product category overturned the inherent pattern of the industry, more customers to create a new healthy lifestyle.

As a big Country brand, 2018 TCL refrigerator washing machine to ' pollution-free + ' smart Health + ' brand product strategy to the user's healthy life as the core, through the product use scene and user experience, for the family's healthy life accelerated, for the family's healthy life to increase the temperature, to enjoy the health ' home ' speed. With the new era of user consumption upgrade, health products and quality of life has become the most urgent needs of users. In the context of health this big trend, TCL Ice wash in countless days and nights to adhere to beginner's mind, sure ahead, never fear, to dare to dare to insist on the spirit of breaking the traditional home appliance technical barriers, for family life brings more intelligent care and unlimited moved.

Standing in the new era, TCL refrigerator washing machine will start from the heart.