And the future in the world stage and international giants in the same game situation, it is also worth looking forward to. The domestic auto industry market competition is fierce | Expanding overseas

Independent brands expand overseas status In the face of joint venture brands under pressure, independent brands are looking for overseas markets to expand sales.

Therefore, the Independent brand began to go out, from overseas mergers and acquisitions to overseas export direct sales, or set up factories overseas to produce cars, directly improve the overall sales throughout the year. According to the "New Energy auto industry Market outlook and Investment strategy Analysis Report" released by the prospective Industry Research Institute, statistics show that 2018 January-August, the Chinese brand passenger car sales of 6.429 million units, the market share of 42.32%, down 0.83%. In contrast, this year 7, 82 months, independent brand Auto export volume has always maintained more than 20% yoy. 2018 January-August, the total number of Chinese auto exports has reached 760,000 units, an increase of 22.3% yoy.

With the rapid internationalization of Chinese car companies, more and more self-branded cars are being sold overseas.

Statistics of China Auto Export volume in 2018

Data Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute finishing

Domestic market blocked, actively looking for overseas market sales breakthrough 2017, China's auto exports 1.06 million vehicles, an increase of 31%, in the domestic, independent brands only slightly increased by 2%. Since 2016, the independent brand has resumed its positive growth of 10% and achieved a significant increase in export volume.

Among them, Chery, Jianghuai, the Great Wall, Changan, Lifan respectively ranked in 2017 China's independent brand passenger car enterprises export volume of the top five. The transfer of fierce domestic competition is one of the undeniable facts, although different independent brand car companies, keen on the overseas market starting point is not the same.

Among them, there are no lack of domestic market is blocked, actively looking for overseas market sales breakthrough enterprises. China is the most fiercely competitive market in the world. Both the car market and the SUV market belong to the Red Sea state, the country of independent brand sales is often the car market is not prosperous region.

It is not difficult to see that most of China's independent brands of passenger car exports are low-end products, shaping the brand image is cheap, only to cope with the lowest level of car use.

Opportunities and challenges coexist

In fact, the domestic market downturn so that independent brands are keen on overseas markets, but if the domestic market can not do well, overseas markets will become a castle, at any time may collapse.

Whether Japan, Germany, South Korea or France such a powerful automobile power, their domestic brands have maintained a market share of more than 50%, while at home, the share of independent brands is declining, in August it slipped to 38% of the red Line. The development of self-branded car enterprises is not due to the domestic market downturn, it is necessary to sell to overseas markets. Our own brand car companies, even in the 2018 domestic market downturn, still maintained far beyond the growth rate of the industry.

It can be said that, relative to overseas markets, although the domestic market pressure is too high, but the annual sales of 30 million or so on the basis of the underlying disk is a huge opportunity. The current problem of the independent brand is not to go out of the problem, but its own product competitiveness, 2016 and 2017, the share of independent brands to maintain more than 45%, but the reason behind is a booming SUV market.

has lost the car market's own brand, can hold on to constantly exert the SUV products of outsiders is also a serious reality.

From the environment of the whole automobile market, the independent brand exerting force overseas market is a variety of reasons, one is to transfer the competitive pressure and choose overseas development, the second is to strive for domestic and foreign market win, this is mainly rely on their own channels and product strength. Independent brand to go out, from the macroscopic perspective, is a true portrayal of the people out of the development and growth, but also the Chinese car to increase national competitiveness must take a step chess; from the microscopic view, is the needs of the development of automobile enterprises, the domestic independent brand market share by the joint venture brand squeeze, independent brands need to find new market growth point. With the gradual transformation and upgrading of Chinese car companies in technology and products, they are also gradually narrowing the gap with the international giants.

And the future in the world stage and international giants in the same game situation, it is also worth looking forward to. The domestic auto industry market competition is fierce | Expanding overseas markets to find new growth points