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National Day holiday is coming soon, I believe many small partners have already arranged various activities. However, in addition to going out to play for 7 days, there is no other way to play with friends. Are you stunned? Of course not! In this age of computer games, the online battles of team battles are endless, such as League of Legends, Watching Pioneer, Fortress Night, Jedi Survival, etc. These games can bring us a common game. The fun of fighting. Therefore, taking advantage of the National Day holiday, it is also an excellent choice to call a few small partners to open a black team battle together.

However, are you, like me, severely limited the gaming experience by the bulky desktops in your home, and because of the difficulty of moving, you directly dispel the good expectations of you and your friends in the face of black. So, in order to be more convenient and small 4. Partners play black games together, we are the time to change a powerful game.

Where do you go to buy a game book, or is it like you used to go to the computer city to be fooled? Of course not! Nowadays online shopping is so developed, whether it is an e-commerce platform or an official mall of a PC manufacturer, it is worthy of our trust. When the holiday is approaching, Lenovo's official mall has also opened a new promotion, and when you buy on the Lenovo official mall, Lenovo service public number, you have the opportunity to get the value of 666 yuan, 188 yuan, 88 yuan, 66 yuan purchase discount Coupons, the highest available free coupons! Also, the coupons can be used directly in cash at the Lenovo Line store during the National Day holiday from October 1st to 7th. Not only that, but also cash red packets, VIPKID Course coupons, cat-eye movie coupons, coupons and more!

At the same time, Lenovo official website purchase machine to participate in the lucky big round of the lottery, have the opportunity to get a purchase coupon, the highest free notebook computer! There are 199 worth of red wine worth 399, the purchase of the three-phase flower / China Merchants Bank Interests, and for students with Alipay certification, you can enjoy a 268 yuan voucher after purchase, you can go directly to the official website to redeem gifts. After the purchase, praise can also receive the mouse and keyboard set or one-year extended warranty and other benefits, Poke me Enter the event venue.

After a lot of screening, after comparing a variety of game books, I think the Savior Y7000P this product is in line with our current purchase needs, why? Then please listen to me in detail.

I believe that the main needs of all kinds of small partners for the game book is the same as me - playing the game, therefore, the performance configuration of the game book must be good enough. And Lenovo this savior Y7000P game book can be described as beastlike in performance. Existence - it is equipped with Intel's eighth-generation standard processor Intel Core i7-8750H processor, compared to the previous generation i7-7700HQ processor, whether it is running large games or video rendering can handle it freely, can fully meet the market Hardware requirements for mainstream games.

Secondly, if you want to play the game, in addition to the processor, the choice of the graphics card is also very important, and the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB discrete graphics card of the rescuer Y7000P uses the NVIDIA Pascal architecture and innovative game technology - The notebook with this GPU is definitely the ideal choice for high-definition games. At the same time, the top version of the Y7000P also has built-in 16GB of memory, using a 2TB HDD + 512GB SSD hard drive combination, this configuration is enough to give us a dripping Game experience.

In addition to the performance of the game to play strong, excellent cooling system is also indispensable, and the rescuer Y7000P uses a newly designed cooling module - through 8mm reinforced heat pipe, with a large area covering the top of the heat sink cylinder, it can CPU, The GPU, PCH's heat is quickly exported, allowing the game to remain cool even in high-loaded loads, allowing us to play a variety of large games. At the same time, it also uses a turbocharged fan design. The larger air duct and the raised heat fin design make the heat dissipation area larger, and the reverse rotation design of the dual fan can effectively reduce the resonance and give us a quiet environment.

To say that this game is the most eye-catching place, it is its 15.6-inch FHD anti-stun IPS gaming screen. This screen uses the popular narrow frame design, the narrowest point is only 6.7mm , the screen ratio is as high as 84%. At the same time, it also has up to 72% NTSC color gamut, and a high refresh rate of 144Hz, which can make the game picture get rid of the delay, the phenomenon of Caton, bring us smooth and slick game Picture.

In addition, the savior Y7000P is also equipped with HARMAN audio, built-in DOLBY sound effects, the sound uses a symmetrical layout design, no temporary release or headphones, let us enjoy a more realistic game sound field, bring more Good game experience.

In addition to the visual and auditory experience, the perfect game experience has a keen sense of touch. The Savior Y7000P has a full-size backlit keyboard with a narrow bezel, a separate numeric keypad on the keyboard, and standard-size arrow keys for a comfortable feel. In the game experience, we give full play to our true strength.

The rich interface is also a highlight of this game. The saver Y7000P provides Type-C DP1.2, MiniDP1.4, three USB3.1, HDMI2.0, network cable, power supply, security keyhole and headset jack. And more interfaces - simple interface design distribution, while providing convenience, but also more beautiful.

The Savior Y7000P has strong performance and good heat dissipation, which can bring us a very different experience in the game. This sincere configuration, it can be said that this is for our game lovers, so, for those who love the game, If you choose the game book, this savior Y7000P will be a good choice. I believe that with it, when you are black with your partner, you can quickly get a point and put 'eat chicken', I really want to have fun. Poke me understand more.