Reading: There are too many people out there on the National Day? It’s better to go home with the Shadow Elves 4 generations! There are too many people out there at the National Day? It’s

It’s also a good time for the National Day holiday, and it’s a good time for leisure. Traveling is believed to be the first choice for many people. However, there are too many tourists on vacations, and the last visit to the sea is to see people and people. It’s better to be pleasing to the eye than to be 'self-satisfied' - home may be a better choice at home.

The office workers have been working for a long time, and the students have been on the class for a month. It’s time to relax. About three or five friends are black, watching the LOL World Tour together, maybe the coolest thing. A good quality game is essential, and the HP Shadow Elves 4 is such a game with a combination of face value and performance.

The Shadow Elves are HP's professional e-sports brands for gamers. After the first three generations of polishing, they have a very good reputation among players. At the end of May this year, HP launched the Shadow Elves with Intel's eighth-generation processor. As the latest product in the series, it follows the simple and fashionable style of the previous generation – the A-side metal wire drawing process and the carbon fiber stripe interlaced design, the two complement each other, plus the classic red and black color matching, it looks quite cool!

A laptop can't look good, most of it depends on the look and feel of the B side, and the Shadow Elves 4B design is very good. It uses a micro-frame design, the left and right borders are as narrow as 7.03mm, providing us with a super high screen. More than that, it brings an immersive gaming experience. At the same time, thanks to the further optimization of the fuselage space, the 15.6-inch model is similar in size to the traditional 14-inch notebook, and with a weight of only 2.467Kg, its portability is greatly Upgrade.

For the game, the quality of the screen is absolutely very important, and this is the biggest highlight of the Shadow Wizard 4. Its screen resolution is 1920*1080, with a high color gamut of 72% NTSC, the display is clear and delicate. The visual perception is quite good. At the same time, the screen response time is 7 milliseconds, equipped with 144Hz e-sports level refresh rate and rare G-sync technology, which can avoid the smear and tear in the game, which brings you excellent E-sports gaming experience.

For gamers, a good-looking keyboard will make the operation smoother and faster, and the Shadow Elves 4 will not disappoint us in this respect. It is equipped with four separate RGB backlit keyboards, plus exclusive The Shadow Elves Lightning System creates an immersive professional gaming environment - when the keyboard backlight is lit, the entire C-face looks cool and e-sports. At the same time, it also has 26 keys. The specialization zone of the punch and WASD keys allows the player to perform faster and more precise operations in dark environments.

In order to give users a more enjoyable gaming experience, strong hardware configuration is naturally the most important thing. Shadow Elves 4 will naturally not fall behind. It is equipped with the 8th generation Intel Core i7-8750H processor, optional GTX 1060 discrete graphics, able to run mainstream large-scale games on the market, office is a piece of cake. At the same time, it also uses a 256GB M.2 PCIE SSD + 1TB HDD storage combination, which can meet our high performance and large capacity multiple Requirements, and built-in 16GB DDR4 memory, whether it is graphics rendering or e-sports online games, can bring a stormy experience.

In order to play a variety of game masterpieces, in addition to having a strong hardware configuration, its software optimization is also very important. HP Shadow Wizard 4 built a set of network and hardware optimization tools - Shadow Wizard Control Center, which contains 'violent Mode's adjustment options. Turning on the violent mode can break the system power wall, allowing you to enter the full speed peak state in the game, bringing a smoother and more refined gaming experience. And it also has a network booster that allows users to play in the game. Can have a separate network channel.

Gamers always have a lot of devices that need to be connected, so the rich expansion interface is also essential. The HP Shadow Wizard 4 has two USB ports on the left and right sides, an SD card reader and a 3.5mm audio interface. Other network cable interfaces, USB interface, HDMI interface, DP interface and Type-C interface are arranged on the back of the fuselage. This design makes the original messy desktop look very neat.

HP Shadow Elf 4 is equipped with i7-8750H processor, equipped with GTX 1060 graphics card, plus 144Hz refresh rate with G-sync technology, can give players a very good gaming experience. At the same time, its narrow border design can also let Our look and feel is even more shocking, and its display is very delicate. Whether it is playing games or watching movies, we can immerse ourselves. Such excellent appearance and strong performance naturally make Shadow Elves 4 a leader in the game market.

Even more gratifying is that HP also launched the Shadow Elves 4th generation top version in Jingdong on September 9th. It is equipped with NVIDIA GTX 1070 with MAX-Q Design graphics card, which will bring you a more exciting gaming experience. In addition, HP also launched a special offer during the National Day. On October 1st, Jingdong bought the Shadow Elves game book, and the highest discount is 2,000 yuan. The National Day holiday is not as good as watching the people, let the Shadow Elves 4 accompany you! Poke me to learn more