Let mobile phone support reverse wireless charging | US core 晟 launches 20W wireless charging chip domestic first

Recently, at the 2018 China Wireless Charging Industry Summit Forum, Maxim's showcased its latest development of Power Sharing technology, which can turn mobile phones into wireless charging transmitters and emergency charging devices such as smart bracelets. After the announcement of this technology, it received the attention of many customers present.

Exclusive Power Sharing technology, mobile phone reverse wireless charging

Today's mobile phones with OTG function can charge other mobile phones (requires cable and HUB). Some mobile phone manufacturers also use this as a selling point for products. Of course, the wireless method is naturally more convenient. This type of design is in the era of universal wireless charging. Will be a differentiated selling point that reflects the strength of research and development.

At present, the technology of Power Sharing has been realized by the SOC chip. The model number of the chip is MT5715. As can be seen from the technical schematic, the MT5715 is a combination of RX (receiving) and TX (transmitting). The two-mode dual-mode chip. This enables the terminal device such as a mobile phone to have both a wireless receiving function and a wireless transmitting function, so that the mobile phone can wirelessly charge the wearable product to the mobile phone or the mobile phone.

When used in RX, the wireless charging on the mobile phone only serves as the receiving end, and the mobile phone can be charged by the wireless charging board; and as the TX, the mobile phone becomes a transmitting device, and the mobile phone and the watch can be wirelessly charged. Emergency charging function.

Mobile phone reverse wireless charging is not a conceptual technology that stays in the lab, not far from our consumers. According to foreign media exposure, a group of Huawei's upcoming new products - Huawei Mate 20 mobile phone and Freebuds 2 Pro Wireless headset official map, Huawei Mate 20 supports reverse wireless charging for Freebuds 2 Pro wireless headset. Huawei's upcoming release of new products, I believe it will cause a lot of sensation, mobile phone reverse wireless charging technology will usher in spring.

The first domestic launch of 20W speed wireless fast charge

In addition, the MMC MT5715 is a fast-charge wireless charging chip that supports WPC's latest BPP and EPP requirements. It also supports the proprietary wireless fast charging protocol of mobile phone manufacturers. Power up to 20W, support 20V 1A output, There are currently few high-power receiver chips on the market. Special design and device selection guarantees a high operating voltage in 20W mode, enabling extremely high end-to-end (send input to receive output) system efficiency ( More than 90%), this is the first in China, even the world's first, and is one of the trends of wireless fast charging.

The Mickey 晟 MT5715 programmable control output voltage (50mV / gear) and current (100mA / gear). Adaptive synchronous rectifier controller for maximum system efficiency and stable communication under different load conditions. Unique overvoltage protection Guaranteed reliable operation throughout the life of the device.

LED giant crosses the world to launch wireless charging

It is reported that in the past few years, Maxim Technology has realized the products and industrialization of core technology achievements, and accumulated a large number of AC-DC, DC-DC and other power management chip technologies and experiences in the field of LED general lighting. At the same time, it has mastered in the field of intelligent lighting. In the control and system design technology of MCU. In 2016, MCC relied on many years of deep cultivation in the field of analog power supply, carrying a strong technical accumulation, and focused on expanding another new field of 100 billion level, set up a wireless charging chip and Program Development Division.

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