Xiaomi virtual Bus card has become the country's largest urban transport platform, it is expected that in the next few years, Xiaomi will remain in this area of strong momentum. Xiaomi hand Ring Virt

Xiaomi Bracelet 3 NFC version of the previous sale, a lot of users have come to say that this generation of millet bracelet better use.

In order to further promote sales, Xiaomi has launched a virtual bus card for the country's preferential activities, for the Millet bracelet 3 and pulled a wave of popularity. According to the announcement, from October 1 to October 2 two days, through the millet bracelet opened Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei interconnection card, Suzhou Traffic one cartoon, Guangxi traffic card and Hefei Tong, you can enjoy free of charge discount.

In addition, Jilin Tong and Wuhan Tong Open card fee reduced to 9.9 yuan.

Similarly, Xiaomi mobile phone to open a virtual bus also has preferential, and the preferential range than millet bracelet also slightly wider, free card more than a Chang ' an tong, 9.9 yuan open card more than a Chongqing smooth card.

Millet Bracelet 3 The way to open virtual public transport is particularly simple, in the Xiaomi Sports app directly, mobile phone does not need to support NFC function, Android or iphone can be. However, the payment method is only Xiaomi wallet and WeChat. In fact, Xiaomi mobile phone to open a virtual bus, open card fees and recharge fees can only be done through the Xiaomi wallet.

Millet Bracelet 3 on the increase of WeChat payment, it is estimated that because many people millet bracelet users may not be Xiaomi mobile phone users this point. Xiaomi Virtual city traffic ecology development has been very smooth, on the one hand because the domestic manufacturers concept backward conservative, on the other hand, the market share of foreign manufacturers has been low Xiaomi.