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In today's mobile phone market, there is a very subdivided team that has sprung up everywhere. That is the game mobile phone. The game phone has the ultimate strong performance, with special cooling technology, can bring a better experience for users who love to play mobile games.

The game industry is in full swing

At the moment, there are more and more manufacturers testing water games. The author believes that the reason is that more and more manufacturers realize that the mobile game (e-sports) industry is a hot spot: According to Tencent’s financial report, in the fourth quarter of 2017 alone, In terms of online games, the revenue was 24.3 billion yuan; in the first quarter of 2018, the income was 46.877 billion yuan; analysts believe that the income of Tencent games is mainly driven by mobile games such as "Glory of the King". In terms of the number of users, as of 2017 At the end of the year, there were 238 million mobile gamers in the “Glory of the Kings”, and an average of 1.9 million new players per day – almost 6 Chinese have one playing the “Glory of the King”, which is equivalent to the population of a medium-sized city every day. Became the player of "Glory of the King". Tencent's latest mobile game "Journey to Survive the Battlefield" has also become the next trend of 'national hand tour', almost contracting my friends and my leisure time.

Therefore, the scale of the mobile game industry is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more people are playing mobile games. Such established facts directly stimulate the nerves of the decision makers of mobile phone manufacturers. Perhaps there is such an idea to explain the current boom of game phones: Game players are willing to pay for value-added services such as untouchable skin, which will pay for the improved mobile hardware. Therefore, the game phone came into being.

The past and present of the game phone

In fact, the introduction of game phones is not the latest thing. Earlier, some mobile phone giants at that time also made quite bold attempts.

Nokia 2003 has released an N-Gage, boldly breaking the traditional design, who said that the mobile phone is vertical? Nokia N-Gage is like a horizontal handheld, in the era of other mobile phones can only play snakes Nokia used courage and creativity to make an enlightenment for the concept of gaming phones.

Sony also launched its PS Phone in 2011. Sony and Ericsson have not split yet. The PS Phone is still behind Sony Ericsson's Logo. Sony hopes to create a playable game with its rich game resources on Play Station. Strong game mobile phone.

However, due to the size and quality of the mobile phone screen at that time, the hardware capabilities of the CPU and GPU have been weak, so the game mobile phone is only a 'mirror in the water'. But it left behind the concept and enlightenment of 'game phone' - many people love games, and mobile phones, as the most used electronic products, should also incorporate the needs of this group of people into product design considerations.

Nowadays, the improvement of key hardware such as mobile phone processor, screen, memory and so on makes the creation of a 'game phone' with a stronger material foundation, and the prosperity of the mobile game industry. Many mobile phone manufacturers have joined the team that makes game mobile phones. It's easy to understand.

Today, when the software and hardware are in place, the shareholder of the game mobile phone naturally spreads across the mobile phone circle. But although everyone is doing game mobile phones, there are three distinct ways. It also reflects the mobile phone manufacturers behind this. Three different ideas.

The first manufacturer is glory. Its flagship glory Play is a mobile phone with a focus on games. Therefore, glory does not specifically launch a new brand for game phones, opening a new product line.

The biggest feature of Glory Play is that it has launched the GPU Turbo's 'scare' technology. Through this software and hardware collaborative graphics acceleration technology, the graphics processing capability of the mobile phone can be greatly enhanced, and the game is more smooth. At the same time, Glory Play also provides 3D sound, 4D shock, to simulate the realism of the game shooting and putting skills to enhance the properties of its game phone. The choice of glory can be said to be a relatively safe approach: not only by increasing the properties of the game phone, but also making the product more powerful and differentiated, and avoiding the cost increase after the new game phone brand, the brand market Recognition takes time and many other risks.

The second manufacturer is the Black Shark game mobile phone (Millet Investment), the Nubian Red Devil mobile phone, etc. Typical mobile phone manufacturers invest in game mobile phones. These manufacturers are characterized by backing resources of Xiaomi and Nubia, and the parent company. Or the investor company shares resources and services, and grabs the market with highly differentiated game phone properties. It is worth mentioning that whether it is the black shark invested by Xiaomi or the red devil of Nubia, they can all be regarded as 'including The golden key sings out, so for the brand, the issue of 'famousness' has not appeared on these two new mobile phone brands. At the beginning of the release, the black shark relied on the Lei Jun platform to gain a lot of attention, the Red Devil also relied on Nubian's popularity has gained innate high traffic and high attention. Therefore, black sharks and red devils, such as game mobile phone brands invested or created by traditional mobile phone manufacturers, are also strategically successful.

But in the horizontal direction, mobile phones such as Black Shark and Red Devil are essentially using the idea of ​​'making a mobile phone' to make a mobile phone. Do some simple changes on the phone, add some accessories, and look more like a game phone than Glory Play, but there is no such thing as ROG, it is a mobile phone with a game phone coat.

The third manufacturer is the ROG (player country) mobile phone. Before the mobile phone, ASUS's ROG (player country) has become synonymous with fever e-sports computer host, and its 'eye of the loser' logo has become the heart of countless players. 'Faith'. With the prosperity of the mobile game market, the savvy ROG also realized the importance and urgency of making a game phone, so the 'dream phone' ROG Phone in the mind of an e-sports fan came into being— - Overclocked version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, frequency up to 2.96GHz, 108% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, 90Hz refresh rate screen, solves the smear caused by the slow response of the traditional 60Hz screen, also provides a variety of different ROG accessories, built a whole game ecology. And its single mobile phone 5999 yuan and 7999 yuan, the price of 12999 yuan set, also shows the 'faith.' ROG Phone is on the road to rely on its own display in e-sports, the main Frequency, temperature control and other deep core technology accumulation, to do a same 'e-sports level' game phone.

The figurative forms of these three game phones represent the thinking and strategies of the current three mobile phone manufacturers: Glory does not change the shape of the phone itself, but enhances the game experience through technologies such as GPU Turbo, creating a 'flagship machine is a game phone. 'The concept, and not deliberately do a niche category; Black Shark, Iris represents the choice of most mobile phone manufacturers, based on mobile phones, add some game elements, put on the outerwear of the game phone, create a game called 'games The mobile phone's category; and for ROG, it is completely built with the idea of ​​professional esports peripherals. No matter the current highest configuration, and the bloody full set of accessories, it is like ROG in the DIY field. style of. No matter which one, it has its rationality; together constitute the grand scene of today's gaming mobile phones.

Game phone, future geometry

The game mobile phone can now be regarded as a very popular one, but whether it is a short-lived, or the beginning of another new trend like a smartphone emphasizes taking pictures, can only wait for the test of history.

The prosperity of game mobile phones illustrates the development of the smart phone industry, which is an inevitable result of market segmentation or strategic segmentation. - Smartphones have developed to such a high enough stage that mobile phones emphasize photos, emphasize music, and emphasize Lifetime and so on to emphasize the game, the market segment is obviously a highly developed embodiment. But how far these game phones can go, this issue needs to be considered.

On the one hand, the mobile game market is getting bigger and bigger, more attractive games will continue to be produced, and there will be more and more groups focusing on mobile game functions. This is the reason why game mobile phones can be expected in the future. But on the other hand, The flagship mobile phones of various mobile phone brands have strong game performance, and the optimization and research and development of games by various traditional mobile phone manufacturers have never stopped. That is to say, the traditional flagship mobile phone may have game performance that is not inferior to that of the game mobile phone. From this dimension, how much differentiation of the game mobile phone can attract users who are ready to purchase the traditional flagship mobile phone? In the end, in order to survive, the game mobile phone must also play the price-performance card to counter the traditional flagship mobile phone. But if so, the goal of creating a differentiated and profitable point with a game phone may be turned into a bubble.

On the whole, the game mobile phone is a good market segment in the future, but in the future, the lack of core technology and competitive game mobile phones will be eliminated. After all, the competition in the mobile phone industry is very fierce. If the game mobile phone wants to go far, it must be at the core. Technology and differentiated experience, the top-level configuration is obviously not enough.