Bosch new home appliances debut BIHD2018 | high quality service to give back to consumers

As an indispensable household appliance in our daily life, the refrigerator is not only a tool to ensure the preservation of food, but more consumers are increasingly demanding food nutrition and dietary health. In this regard, the refrigerator industry It is also gradually changing.

On September 27th, Beijing Interior Decoration and Design Expo and Intelligent Yunqi Life Festival were grandly opened. Bosch Home Appliances brought together all the products to show consumers the overall solution of modern kitchen. At the same time, Bosch Home Appliances held Bosch·Vita Fresh at the scene. The power multi-door refrigerator new product launch conference, and officially launched the 2018 National Reassuring Consumer Month event. Through the launch of innovative products and quality services, Bosch Appliances continues to bring intelligent and convenient home life experience to consumers.

Bosch Home Appliances Reassuring Consumer Month Event Launched and Bosch·Vita Fresh Energy Multi-door Refrigerator New Product Launch Ceremony

Mr. Ye Ge, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Greater China, Bosi Household Appliances Group said at the event: 'The new refrigerator products of Bosch Home Appliances can bring a new 'health preservation' experience to Chinese consumers. While constantly innovating products and technologies At the same time, Bosch Home Appliances also pays great attention to creating a safe, caring service for consumers, and practicing a 'consumer-centric' strategy.

Mr. Ye Ge, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Greater China, Bosi Household Appliances Group

Mr. Liu Song, the vice chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Service Maintenance Association, spoke highly of the forthcoming Bosch Home Appliances 2018 National Reassuring Consumer Month: 'From the consumer's rights and interests, to safeguard the interests of consumers, this is for consumers, It is also the embodiment of the most responsible for the industry. I hope that Bosch Home Appliances will continue to adhere to this sense of responsibility and continue to provide high quality products, caring services and after-sales protection for Chinese consumers.

Speech by Mr. Liu Song, Vice Chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Service Maintenance Association

Mr. Zhang Jian, Vice President of Beijing Juran Home Furnishing Chain Group Co., Ltd. said: 'As a long-term partner of Bosch Home Appliances, the Real Home hopes to carry out more in-depth cooperation with Bosch Home Appliances to improve the quality of life of thousands of Chinese families. And work hard. '

Speech by Mr. Zhang Jian, Vice President of Beijing Juran Home Furnishing Chain Group Co., Ltd.

Bosch Home Appliances' Vita Fresh-Power Multi-door Refrigerator is equipped with Bosch's powerful Vital Preservation Pro technology, which not only provides accurate temperature and humidity environment for food storage, but also does not freeze at +0°C, achieving long-lasting preservation of ingredients. , better preserve the original flavor of the food. At the same time also has a platinum net air system, nano-scale platinum air filtration system with multi-dimensional three-dimensional air supply, can effectively antibacterial, care for diet health.

Bosch Home Appliances Exhibition Zone, white, Shanghe series kitchen space

In addition, Bosch Vita's fresh-powered multi-door refrigerator freezer also uses forced convection refrigeration technology to avoid air drying and ensure the moisturizing taste of fruits and vegetables. Zero-degree Vita fresh-keeping + room and freezer are air-cooled to make air-conditioning Evenly distributed in each compartment, free of frost troubles. Each area uses a temperature zone independent circulation system to ensure that the ingredients are fresh and not odor.

At the same time of the new product refrigerator, 'heart service, rest assured consumption' Bosch home appliances 2018 national assured consumption month activities kicked off. From September 27 to October 27, consumers buy Bosch·Vita fresh power five-door refrigerator (KFN86AA76C or KFN86AA26C two models), Bosch 8 Series dryer (model WTU879H90W) and Bosch·Clean cleaning 8 series washing machine (model WAU289690W) 3 products Bosch home appliance ice wash package, in one year Free to enjoy the cleaning service of the model refrigerator shown in the package. Qualified consumers need to call Bosch Home Appliances brand official after-sales service hotline one day in advance to make a free cleaning service with valid purchase voucher.

Consumers experience Bosch appliances on site

At the show, Bosch Home Appliances showcased a modern kitchen solution from preparation, cooking to cleanliness. As an advocate of modern kitchen concepts, Bosch Home Appliances transforms kitchen life through a holistic approach to building a social kitchen space that shares happiness and connects emotions. In the future, Bosch Home Appliances will continue to adhere to the brand concept of 'Science and Technology to Realize the Beauty of Life', and promote the quality of life of consumers through the introduction of high-quality products, intelligent and convenient solutions and quality services that provide consumers with peace of mind and peace of mind. More Chinese families make a better life.