The water purifier will become the standard of home appliances has become the industry consensus!

In the first half of 2018, the growth rate of emerging environmental protection equipment sales was much higher than that of traditional products. Among them, the sales volume of water purifiers and sales volume increased significantly compared with last year. In the view of water purifier experts, the growth of environmental protection equipment market has slowed down this year. In particular, the first- and second-tier markets are more obvious, but the water purifier market still maintains a good growth trend. In the main theme of water purifier growth, this year's market has a lot of attention to the 'small good fortune', including the strong performance of the market sector, products The deepening of structural adjustment, the improvement of industry innovation, etc., these factors contribute to the growth of the industry.

According to public data, the sales revenue of household water purifiers in China increased year by year in 2009-2014, and the growth rate fluctuated, with a compound annual growth rate of 28%. In 2014, China's household water purifier industry sales revenue exceeded 20.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase. Nearly 32.4%, maintaining a strong growth rate. At the same time as the market scale climbed, the water purifier also ushered in a dense influx of competitors: As of 2017, China's water purifier industry has grown to 3,000 production companies, and it is expected that in the future This number will continue to grow at a rate of 30%-40% per year.

'Consumers are gradually realizing that water purifiers with core competitive advantages are not only healthier, but also low-carbon energy-saving.' Industry insiders point out that as consumption increases, people's demand for healthy living and quality of life becomes more urgent, and water purifiers naturally enter. The consumer's sight. The data shows that in the past 5 years, the number of brands in the water purifier market has increased by nearly 2041 from more than 100. 'In recent years, many water purification brands, big home appliance brands, and even Internet brands have entered. The water purifier field. '

At present, the water purifier will become the industry standard, and the enterprise has a lot of layout. It is also the prospect of the future development of the domestic water purifier market. Some integrated appliance manufacturers, kitchen appliances, small household appliances companies, even Internet companies are beginning to prepare or prepare to install water purifier products. 3M, Panasonic, Enmet and other foreign brands of water purifiers have also begun to enter the domestic market. And this also means that the relevant brand market control ability is significantly improved, the possible impact Is the improvement of the market threshold.

Driven by consumption upgrades, the price of water purifiers has risen steadily and the product structure has further improved. With the competition of various brands, the types of water purifiers tend to be diversified, with a total of household reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and composite sintered activated carbon. , pp cotton filter, RO reverse osmosis pure water machine and other types. Data from a home appliance website shows that in recent years, the proportion of reverse osmosis water purifier sales is gradually rising. From the price point of view, 2000 yuan - 4000 yuan products Sales accounted for more than half of the market, becoming the market's main force.

From the perspective of permeability, the data shows that despite the rapid growth of the market, compared with the penetration rate of 80% in Europe and the United States, the penetration rate of water purifiers in the Chinese market is less than 9%, which is still low. This also indicates local water purification. The market has great potential. 'Because of differences in consumer attitudes and living habits, water purifiers have not yet become a necessity for most families.' In the eyes of many industry players, most consumers understand the degree of water purifiers, acceptance Not high enough, many people still hold a wait-and-see attitude.

So far, the water purifier is still in the stage of popularization. Enterprises need to cultivate the market solidly, enhance the consumer experience, recommend more good products to consumers, and continue to promote the water purifier industry quickly and continuously under the joint efforts of all parties. , healthy development. With the sinking of channels, the competition threshold of these markets is expected to increase rapidly, and those brands or counterfeit brands that do not have the overall competitive strength will eventually be eliminated by the market.