Haier refrigerator high-end contrarian growth has increased twice as much as the industry

In the second half of the year, the refrigerator market continued to 'cold cold'. According to market data released by Zhongyikang in the 38th week, the refrigerator industry has accumulated a cumulative annual growth rate of -4.0%. In this context, Haier refrigerators achieved a 8.0% increase in cumulative market share. It is the first in the industry with 35.3%. Among them, in the high-end refrigerator market above 10,000 yuan, Haier refrigerator has a cumulative annual share of 40.9%.

For the scale of China's refrigerator industry in 2018, the forecast data given by Aowei Cloud Network shows that the retail volume of the refrigerator market will reach 33.96 million units in 2018, up 0.6% year-on-year; the retail sales will reach 96.4 billion yuan, up 2.6% year-on-year; On the other hand, the average online price increased by 4.0% year-on-year, and the offline average price increased by 7.0%.

However, from the current market performance, it is still far from expected. In 2018, the overall growth rate of the refrigerator market slowed down. Zhongyikang market monitoring data from January to June showed that the retail volume of refrigerator online market in the first half of the year, The average growth rate slowed down, up 10.6% year-on-year and 29.2% respectively. It has a new low growth rate in the past few years, which has limited effect on the market. The current annual growth rate is -4.0%.

Industry analysts believe that the current enterprise can only increase market share and achieve sustained growth by accelerating the pace of high-end transformation, improving product structure, promoting product preservation technology upgrades, and increasing the proportion of high-end refrigerators to meet consumer demand.

According to the "China Middle Class User Behavior Research Report" published by Orvieto Cloud, 58% of the middle class believes that high-tech content is the primary feature of high-end refrigerator products, and that innovative technology that truly solves the pain points of life determines the value of a refrigerator. Haier refrigerator can achieve contrarian growth, mainly because it insists on high-end innovation strategy, and develops high-end products to meet the user's storage needs.

In order to meet the user's fresh-keeping needs, Haier has launched a chilling and freezing fresh-keeping banquet refrigerator. Its fine-controlled micro-duct technology solves the problem of uniform air-cooling of ordinary refrigerators, realizes accurate refrigeration and preservation of ingredients, and wet and dry storage technology. It solves the problem that the ordinary refrigerator can't save the dry food ingredients, so that the dry food ingredients do not return to the tide; the intelligent constant temperature technology of the freezer room solves the 'heating' problem existing in the ordinary air-cooled refrigerator defrosting, and becomes the new opening method of the 2018 freezing and fresh-keeping market.

In addition, in the era of the highest consumer experience, Haier refrigerator's unique and novel user interaction has also promoted its growth. In the national first- and second-tier cities, Haier Refrigerator demonstrated the ice hockey experiment, ice sculpture experiment video, through the ice hockey and The sharp contrast between the hail, the true crystal and the ice crystal allows the user to intuitively perceive the fresh-keeping effect of the Haier refrigerator and achieve a good word-of-mouth communication, thus driving the sales volume to rise.

Zuo Yanzhen, general manager of Zhongyikang Brand Center, believes that the era of universalization of home appliance standardization products is gradually over, and the home appliance market will usher in a new round of consumer structure upgrades and large-scale product upgrades. User demand is becoming more personalized and diverse. Deepening. Under this circumstance, Haier has continued to lead the market share by innovatively researching and developing products and technologies to enhance product added value and brand value driven by the human-in-one mode.