Industry transformation across the pace. Iterative Casa di Air wash: one category occupies 76.6% of the market share

The latest data from China and Hong Kang, 2018 1-38 weeks, the Casarte to air Wash single category accumulated more than million washing machine market share 76.6%, 38 weeks in a row to the top of the "Big Score". A new era in which a category opens up the service of washing machines.

From the water-free air wash, belt air wash, direct drive air wash, until the Casarte to the user-centered iterative "intelligent air wash", air wash after 10 years formally into the ' four dimensions ', the Casa Emperor let ' air wash ' realized from the concept to the market floor.

' Air wash ' uneven 10 divided into four dimensions Casarte ' Air wash ' in addition to get the market recognition, more than 38 consecutive weeks ranked more than million in the market, won the user's pursuit.

Up to now, Casa di in the country has been for users to clean high-end fabrics nearly 10 million pieces, 55 years of silk cloak, 25 years of wedding dresses, 5 years of mink coats can be through the air wash care, and so the user story is constantly staged in terminal stores. 2008, the concept of ' no water Air wash ' was first proposed, realizing the breakthrough from water laundry to waterless laundry ' 0 '; 2010, the appearance of ' Belt air Wash ', replacing ' no washing ' in the form of micro-steam care, realizes the basic care of daily clothing; 2012, ' Direct-drive air wash ' enters the market, air wash technology

The technique begins to refine and advanced.

Until 2017, the Casa di ' Intelligent Air wash ' relies on the fiber-level intelligent identification technology, to achieve high-end clothing professional grade, fiber-level care, to achieve bright, plastic, new and other high-end wash effect, to create the "four dimensions of Air wash", leading the industry's new round of change. At present, Casarte to the results of the success of the air Wash category to verify the market dividend, with ' air wash ' as a gimmick product also appeared. From the technical point of view, although the same name as ' air wash ', some products just can provide a "dry" water-free solution.

Industry analysis, the same as ' air wash ' products, some brands and Casarte even have nearly 10 years of technology gap. According to the Casa Di Research and development staff, Casa di Intelligent identification, micro-steam molecules, fiber-level care and other core technologies are around the user needs, based on the global ecological original. And that's a long way to go for the industry's future.

The high-end ecology behind Casarte not only provides a new experience for high-end users, but also speeds up the entire care industry's iterative speed.

High-end eco-accelerated innovation iterative Casa di Air wash High-end products, without strong system support, can not achieve a global continuous iteration.

It is understood that Casa di has 14 design centers around the world, including MIT and other 28 cooperative research and development organizations, the global research and development staff rely on the Casa di platform and the global high-end users of the diverse needs and innovative thinking to establish a link to the community economy to drive the high-end of the whole process system. From creative category to new product, ' air wash ' the current market results are also the result of continuous interaction between casarte and millions of users.

In the process of interaction, Casarte obtained a large number of user needs: Silk wash will have wrinkles, but also can not be exposed; mink washable easy to knot, poor feel, dry cleaning with residual damage to the cortex, and then continue to iterate the results of innovative technology. August 8, in the internet caused the hot discussion of the Casa di washing machine ' egg wash carving ' experiment let users once again witnessed the air wash the nursing strength.

Through the air wash care mink, goose down, 6 large fabrics, as well as several experimental iterations of the egg carving, casarte with a 0-distance visual interaction experience so that the ' air wash ' high-end care program in the user's heart to be more fully recognized, but also become an important event in the process of accelerating the experience of the care industry. "2018 Washing machine industry white paper," The future washing machine consumption will enter the scene subdivision era, 1 traditional washing machines will not meet the needs of family care.

At present, the Casa Emperor has formed a high-end wash ecological circle, including the twin Yun-sang washing machine, fiber see, Connaught Dry combination and air wash, etc., to meet the needs of users of multi-scene care. Under the guidance of one-man single mode, Casa di washing machine is based on the garment-linked ecosystem, not only to meet the needs of the user for laundry, nursing, storage, collocation, purchase of the whole life cycle management, but also the washing machine, clothing enterprises, toiletries and RFID technology and other resources together, continue to meet the needs of high-end users, leading

Industry transformation across the pace. Iterative Casa di Air wash: one category occupies 76.6% of the market share