Stanford University chooses Casa Di free embedded refrigerator as a classroom case

Recently, Shiz Kovara, a visiting professor at Stanford University, shared a case of a high-end home appliance brand in the "Design Thinking" class - Casa Di free-standing embedded refrigerator. As the pioneer of free embedded design in the refrigerator industry, Casa Di Entering the American college classroom is not only the further extension of the high-end community ecosystem, but also the global leadership of free embedded technology.

Professor Shiz Kovara is a senior user interaction experience design expert. He has been the global industrial design director for 26 years at Hewlett-Packard. In 2009, he began teaching at the University of the Arts in San Francisco to teach user experience and industrial design. Among them, his "Design Thinking" is The most popular course at the Stanford University School of Design, and the Casa Di Free Embedded Refrigerator is a typical case that appears in this course.

'All things can be designed, I hope students can bring learning to the real world, change life through design.' Professor Shiz Kovara found that Casa Di free embedded refrigerator through the innovative design and technology, the solution of the refrigerator 'unbundle' completely solved The pain of the user's life.

Under the trend of consumption upgrade, embedded home appliances have been favored by users because of improved space utilization and aesthetics. However, in the actual experience, embedded design has exposed many pain points due to technical limitations. Taking refrigerators as an example, firstly, due to heat dissipation, the cabinet The upper and lower sides and the two sides should reserve about 10cm space. Secondly, the refrigerator is bulky and cannot be embedded or placed in the living room. Thirdly, the ordinary refrigerator is barely embedded, which may cause the door to be completely opened.

Professor Shiz Kovara opinion, freedom embedded Casa Imperial refrigerator home life changed by design. Specifically, 610mm ultra-thin cabinet design, panel golden arc of 19 °, 90 ° right angle fully open and easily extract the industry's smallest 2cm cooling margins, so as to break 11 of innovation and technology industry problems, to free the embedded industry-leading standards.

On September 27th, Beijing Interior Decoration and Design Expo and Intelligent Cloud Living Festival (BIHD) was launched. At the Casa Di's “Infinite Space” Designer Forum held at W4 Yunqi Living Museum, Casa Di released a free embedded set. Home appliances. Relying on F+ free built-in refrigerator, fiber-optic washing machine, Scorpio air conditioner, Yunxiao central air conditioner and light energy kitchen electric system, including free embedded appliances, covering the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Demand, Yunxiao central air-conditioning can be included in the front-end decoration link, and the optical kinetic energy kitchen sets are all freely embedded in the whole category to create an innovative experience for high-end users.

Today, in the Casa Di 12 million user list, there are many global influencers such as the US Sheriff, the German Prince, the Malaysian King, and the Dubai Princess. This time, Professor Stanford of the United States as the Casa Di Free Embedded Refrigerator The Technology Experience Officer's extended the high-end community ecosystem of Casa Di to the American classroom and updated the list of high-end users of Casa Di.

Under the guidance of the 'personal single-in-one' mode, Casa Di has solved the problem of 'high-end, not complete sets of products in the home improvement process with its free-embedded complete solution with high-end, complete, pre-formatted and intelligent four advantages. The pre-plan is not professional, the product operation is not intelligent, and so on users, providing high-end users with the best solution for free embedded appliances, leading the industry into the era of 'free embedding'.