It's not as good as people's way | 'Fresh' | Enjoy the holiday | Let the TCL refrigerator enhance your National Day happiness

The National Day seven-day holiday is coming soon. Compared with some people who choose to go on a trip, there are still quite a few small partners who plan to spend a relaxing holiday at home. Compared to the crowds in the popular scenic spots, experience the high speed. The road congestion is unbearable, sleep every day to wake up naturally, watch American music listening to music, make food by yourself, and enjoy family reunion with children. If you are also a member of the National Day family, then you must have a strong TCL. Integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator, help you to keep fresh ingredients, open the holiday home food tour.

Keep the natural taste of the ingredients, return to the family life

The company's family has two points and one line. The busy work has made the 'ditch oil' take-out become the daily life of the contemporary people. Sharing fresh food with the family has become a luxury. We have gradually lost the perception of a happy life and the pursuit of healthy living. But in fact, the happiness of life is a bit of experience. It is not a complicated feast, but a hometown dish made by relatives. We may wish to block the impetuous shackles of the National Day holiday, put down the mobile phone, pick up the kitchen utensils, and be a close relative. Make a delicious dinner. Whether it is Mid-Autumn Festival crabs or seafood deep-sea fish, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator will keep you the natural taste of the ingredients and become your right hand.

TCL refrigerator has been paying attention to food storage, actively exploring new solutions for food storage, and comprehensively protecting the freshness of ingredients in all directions to protect the health of users. Compared with ordinary refrigerators, TCL integrated frequency-controlled air-cooled refrigerator has integrated integrated dual-frequency conversion technology. With intelligent air-cooling and frost-free technology, it can quickly create a uniform temperature storage space for food, achieve 2 minutes of cold cooling at 1 °C, lock the ingredients fresh. At the same time, the whole space permanent AAT negative oxygen ion freshening technology, to provide dust removal for food, in addition to Flavor, sterilization, fresh care, 360-degree maintenance, achieve 7-day water retention rate of fruits and vegetables over 90%. At the same time, with dry and wet partition, 3 °C maternal and child area, -1 degree fish meat thermostat lock area, red wine tea health care The special food storage area, the large space makes the exclusive more professional, let the fresh and more natural, and truly realize the upgrade of the ingredients from 'simple storage' to 'storage conservation'.

With TCL integrated inverter air-cooled refrigerator, you can buy all the delicious ingredients in one day on National Day, make different dishes every day, make the ingredients of each meal fresh as ever. More importantly, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator is provided. 'Quick cold lock + natural fresh' will also protect the health of the family. It is the first in the industry to achieve the anti-mildew grade silver ion antibacterial handle, anti-mildew grade 1 antibacterial door seal, plus the internal use of AAT wisdom sterilization System, T-Hips modified antibacterial system, active removal of 91.17% of E. coli in the refrigerator, 90.68% of Staphylococcus aureus and other pathogenic bacteria, for users to create from outside to inside from shopping, storage to three meals a day Smart health home.

20 years of not forgetting the beginning of the heart TCL refrigerator washing machine from the heart

High-quality products have created a high-quality and healthy lifestyle. TCL's integrated inverter air-cooled refrigerator not only creates new possibilities for the user's National Day holiday, but also allows each user to return to the true life. The whole family enjoys nutrition and freshness. Food has become possible. All of this is due to the fact that TCL refrigerator washing machine adheres to the concept of pragmatic innovation and innovates for the healthy life of users.

In the past 20 years, TCL refrigerator washing machine has brought innovative products to users with the ingenuity of life. The perfect pursuit of product details explains the ultimate experience for users. TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator adopts minimalist and simple style, The home is integrated, the slim body perfectly matches the depth of the kitchen cabinet, and it is easy to put into the integrated space of the home improvement. The ingenious design of various details is all in line with the intimate companion of TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator. 2018 is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of TCL refrigerator washing machine, standing in the new era and starting from a new era. TCL refrigerator as a big country brand starts from the heart, takes the user's healthy life as the core, and accelerates the healthy life of the family through the product use scene and user experience. , to increase the temperature for the healthy life of the family, to create a healthy 'home' speed.

The TCL refrigerator washing machine has been opened for the 11th National Day. For the 20 years of gratifying users, the TCL refrigerator washing machine has launched multiple benefits. Don't miss it! During the event, users who purchase the TCL refrigerator washing machine will receive multiple gifts and purchase the designated package. You will get a beautiful gift; you will have a variety of benefits!