Pure white body with gold printing, elegant in the noble quality, blue lines with black display, stable and dynamic. Weibo New F30my | Five major upgrades not the same enjoyment

With the continuous upgrading of consumption, people increasingly pay attention to quality of life, even bathing has become a very ceremonial thing.

Whether it is safe, comfortable, or energy-saving, health, we are increasingly demanding water heaters.

Weibo new f30my, in the health, comfort, safety and other aspects of the five major upgrades, will bring users a new experience of health and safety.

One, health upgrade

Triple bacteriostatic, providing health care at all times Water inhibition of bacteria to reduce bacterial activity, internal bile bacteria to destroy the environment of bacterial growth, high-temperature antibacterial elimination of ' slip through '.

Triple bacteriostatic to make the bath water in the water heater more healthy.

Second, comfortable upgrade

Smart time booking to meet the family's bathing needs

The general appointment function can only meet the individual bathing needs, but can not meet the family water demand, f30my use smart time to make an appointment, just set the bath timing, will automatically start heating early, and within the set 2 hours to maintain the set temperature, to meet the needs of domestic water.

Third, energy-saving upgrade

First-class energy efficiency, 88% hot water output rate

F30my is a first-class energy efficiency, hot water output rate of up to 88%, exceeding national standards (state-level energy efficiency water rate ≥70%).

Four, security upgrades Trinity Safety System, all-round guarantee bath safety.

Patent anti-electricity wall to prevent leakage of hidden trouble, to ensure the safety of bathing, grounding electric warning to detect the home electricity environment, prevent the environmental charge caused by the accident, the fuselage full insulation to avoid electric shock accident caused by the shell.

Five, appearance upgrade