Samsung refrigerator dating Beijing box horse | 'Pure 妃' drive to open 'Golden Autumn Black 趴'

Near the eleventh holiday, Samsung refrigerator teamed up with Beijing box horse to take the lead in opening the holiday carnival. On September 27th, Samsung refrigerator X Beijing box horse 'Golden Autumn Black Dragonfly' theme event was held in Beijing Box Ma Shilibao store, "Yanqi Raiders" in pure Wang Yuan, the actor of the cricket, attended the event, shared the food experience and cooked the black delicious food with the popular chef. When the Samsung black refrigerator met the black food, a feast of technology and food was immediately opened. At the same time, the box horse speed set a new record, 6 million * National consumer hi-box room.

Samsung refrigerator X Beijing box horse 'Golden Autumn Black' theme event opened in Beijing

Samsung's home appliances continue to live with high-tech escort quality, and at the same time, it is one of the foreign brands that Chinese consumers are familiar with. Xu Bin, general manager of Samsung Electronics Greater China Life Appliances Division, said: 'Samsung to 'do Chinese consumption' The company is a company that is committed to continuously improving its technological innovation. Through outstanding product design and technological performance, it constantly meets the needs of Chinese consumers, and decorates every Chinese family with innovative technology.

Xu Bin, General Manager of Samsung Electronics Greater China Life Appliances Division

To black, cool and frost-free, Samsung to black refrigerator to help build a quality family

At a time when the health concept of urban population is increasingly formed, diet health has become a topic of increasing concern, and the preservation technology of refrigerators is directly related to the health of food. More and more innovative technologies have begun to integrate into the preservation technology of refrigerators. Xu Bin The introduction said: 'In our refrigerator products, the charm of technology can be seen everywhere, such as metal cooling technology, which can improve the preservation capacity of the refrigerator. ' It is reported that the metal cooling material in the Samsung refrigerator replaces the plastic liner of the traditional refrigerator and The glass shelf, using the excellent cold guiding properties of metal, brings long-lasting temperature control and cold storage, reduces temperature fluctuations and achieves fresh-keeping effect. At the same time, the metal material is good for cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, providing a fresh and healthy food environment for urban consumers.

Samsung refrigerator uses metal cooling technology to reinforce fresh

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, on the basis of satisfying the living, more and more consumers have begun to pay attention to the quality and artisticization of the family atmosphere. In response to this trend, Samsung has launched a series of black metal panels. For example, the refrigerator, the RF50N5970B1, which is unveiled at this event, breaks the monotony of the kitchen through the delicate black stainless steel panel, making the space vivid and vivid. The combination of matte texture and simplicity is simple and simple, and complements the modern minimalist style of home. It is like a piece of art in the home space. Under the mapping of the live lighting, the black panel of Samsung's private kitchen refrigerator complements the stage atmosphere of fashion art. In the elegant black, it explains the infinite possibilities of the modern family environment.

Samsung to black refrigerator to decorate the modern home atmosphere

'Pure 妃' drive, join hands with top chefs to light up 'Black food engraving'

As early as before the event, Samsung Electronics officially said that there will be a mysterious guest to visit this 'Golden Autumn Black Dragonfly' event. This mystery was finally announced at 11:00 am, and the pure playwright of the TV series "Yanlan Raiders" was dressed in the body. The black evening dress appeared, pushing the atmosphere of the event to a climax.

'Pure 妃' Wang Yuan can join the Samsung refrigerator x Beijing box horse 'Golden Autumn Black 趴'

Wang Yuan, who is outside the drama, is a person who has a very high quality of life. She likes cooking. Her choice of refrigerator is more 'choosy'. The refrigerator must be repaired both inside and outside: 'I cook, often deal with the refrigerator, I think A refrigerator must have the value and strength, the value of the face will enhance the owner's cooking mood and the style of the home environment; of course, the most important thing is the freshness of the refrigerator, which adds to our food and health. 'And the Samsung refrigerator is her long-awaited Object.

At the event, Wang Yuan can partner with Yin Jia, and Lin Yuxi, two chefs, teamed up to cook black-themed dishes, lighting up the 'black food engraving'. The chef who cooked the king crab on the spot said: 'The metal inside the Samsung refrigerator It is very suitable for the preservation of seafood foods. The stable internal temperature is conducive to maintaining the moisture in the seafood meat, and the taste is more delicious. 'And the 'black wind high''s chef Lin Yuxi is interested in the independent circulation system of Samsung refrigerator. : 'As a chef, I am most afraid of the food in the refrigerator. The three-cycle frost-free moisturizing of this Samsung refrigerator keeps the temperature and humidity in the refrigerator storage room, so that the ingredients in the different compartments of the refrigerator will not scent each other, keep The original taste. '

The chef uses a Samsung refrigerator to cook 'black delicious'

It is reported that this event is just the launching ceremony of the Samsung Fridge X Beijing Box Horse 'Jinqiu Black Stork' event. During the 11th holiday, Samsung Refrigerator will be in the Shilibao flagship store, Shuangjing Lecheng Store, Yizhuang Century Store, Fengtai Dacheng Store. , Xicheng Honglian Store 5 * Beijing Box Mamen Store launched the 'Black Box Zone', the online 'Black Dragonfly' event will also be held continuously, welcome to the above Beijing Box Mamen Store to learn more. In the meantime, the box horse in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Chengdu, Nanjing, Wuhan and other 13 cities* added 20 new stores, the popular tourist city Haikou and the third-tier city Nantong are on the list, more users can also feel the convenience of the box life.