Pursuit of high power or high torque? 3 minutes to understand car power

In the past, everyone planned to buy a car, either to listen to the introduction of the 'old driver' around them, or to go to the 4S shop to listen to the salesman's 'Amway'. It is quite difficult to understand the real parameters of a car. Now with With the development of network technology, we can now query the relevant information of the car on the Internet, no matter the appearance, interior, dynamic parameters can be seen at a glance.

Today, the master wants to talk about the power. We all know that the engine is the heart of the car, just like the CPU in the mobile phone. The CPU frequency is high and low, and the engine has its own 'frequency', but unlike the mobile phone, The car's engine has two 'frequency', which are 'maximum power' and 'maximum torque', and the two 'maximum' data are the most critical for the car. It can be said that the most concerned power performance of ordinary consumers. It is determined by these two parameters.

The maximum power speed is relatively easy to understand. It can be seen from the literal meaning that the maximum power running speed of the engine is called the maximum power speed. In terms of professional point, the maximum power speed should be said that the engine is outputting the maximum power. Corresponding crankshaft speed. The output power of the engine has a direct relationship with the crankshaft speed. At the beginning of the output, the output power of the engine will increase as the crankshaft speed increases. But when the output reaches the maximum value The output power will decrease as the crankshaft speed increases.

In general, the maximum power of the engine will be maintained in one speed range, while the maximum power speed of different types of engines is different: the maximum power speed of a typical gasoline engine is 5000-8000r/min, while that of a diesel engine is 3000. -5000r/min, easy to understand, this is what we generally say is the difference between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine. The gasoline engine does not run fast, and the diesel engine does not run fast.

The maximum torque academically speaking is the average torque of the crankshaft output when the engine is running. For the same ratio of the vehicle, the greater the torque, the more powerful. The maximum power is the work done by the torque and the speed per unit time, so the speed is generally The torque at low time is large. The maximum torque of the naturally aspirated engine is only reached at the maximum speed, while the maximum torque of the turbocharged engine starts from 1000 rpm and the maximum torque reaches 5,000 rpm in the maximum torque range.

Taking the same-displacement sedan model as an example, the earlier the torque output is, the better the acceleration performance is. The larger the load capacity is, the stronger the climbing force is. Therefore, the turbocharged engine is generally involved in the low-speed turbine. Compared with the self-priming engine of the same displacement, it will make the owner enjoy the acceleration charm quickly when starting.

But in general, the performance of the whole vehicle is inseparable from the maximum power and maximum torque. The maximum power determines not only the speed of a car (regardless of the gearbox), but also the majority ( In the case of gearbox non-CVT) The maximum value of vehicle acceleration at speed, the maximum torque determines how much this maximum value can be naturally released during daily driving.

In other words, the maximum power determines the maximum power, and the torque determines the maximum power availability. Avenue to Jane, this is the complement of the automobile industry, which means that we can not blindly pursue the high value of torque when buying a car. The torque of the multi-small-displacement turbine engine can be quite high, but the power is slightly lower than that of the large-displacement engine with the same torque. If the performance of the car is sought after, the value of the maximum power should be paid attention to. , plan again.