Solar water heaters are rarely seen in rural areas now, why?

Improving the happiness of rural life is not to build houses in rural areas, but to popularize cars, mainly relying on the convenience of life. Now, in order to allow farmers to enjoy urban life, the state has implemented welfare projects such as power grid transformation, tap water popularization, and natural gas families. Now, Farmers enjoy surfing life at home, anytime, anywhere, the toilet environment is clean and tidy. And the water heater is used in time. It can be seen that in the past few years, the quality of life of farmers has been greatly improved, we have learned to enjoy life. I do not Know if you have discovered why the 'solar' water heater used to be very hot in the countryside, is it 'cool' now?

First, it can't be used in winter.

For rural people, winter is only the peak of hot water, otherwise hot water will boil every day. But the temperature in winter is relatively low, so the pipe is easy to freeze, so even if the water in the water heater is hot, no heat is needed anymore. water.

What farmers are most worried about is that the pipes will freeze. At the end of the winter, the whole house will leak. For farmers, this is a big worry.

Second, waste of water resources

As we all know, solar energy is generally placed on the roof. Generally, the rural houses are two and a half, so the water pipes should be at least 6 meters.

But every time you use water, you need to release the cold water so that you can use the hot water in time. In the round trip, you waste so much water every day. As long as the interval is long, you need to discharge cold water. Now you need to pay for the water. , so this water fee is also a big cost.

Third, the water quality has an odor

Generally, the water storage in rural areas is relatively large. It can be used for a long time after filling a bucket of water. If it is only domestic water, it will take at least half a month to use up the water. In this way, the solar water will be During the heating process every day, it will be stored for a long time, naturally it will produce a large water smell. In this way, hot water can only be used for mouthwash, not for drinking.

Fourth, the feeling of use is too bad

The water temperature of a solar water heater still depends on the light. If the weather is fine, the water in the solar energy will be very hot. But if it is continuous cloudy, the water heater can't be heated, we have to burn the water ourselves. Many people will complain about poor use.

Nowadays, rural areas have also been replaced by electric water heaters, so that all kinds of hot water can be used in time, thus solving the above shortcomings.