I can't help but prevent "Changsheng" in the days of Ma Tianyu not forgetting to play CALL for TCL refrigerator.

Recently, the urban emotional TV series "Lingsheng, can we not be sad" was broadcasted in Hunan Satellite TV. In the play, Ma Tianyu played the role of Liang Sheng and Sun Yi played a lot of sweet and mutual bridges, let the audience brush 'Birth CP' is not limited.

However, as the global brand spokesperson of TCL refrigerator, Ma Tianyu did not forget the 'old CP', and said that he would boast the TCL refrigerator, so that the audience could not help but eat a big dog food.

Then Tianyu brother is so hard to 'Amway' TCL refrigerator, what kind of product is it?

TCL refrigerator is not only as Tianyu brother said, it has a large capacity, but also specially set up partition storage, to create the best storage environment for different ingredients, but also to prevent odor; in order to bring a safe and secure environment to food, TCL refrigerator is uniquely integrated Full-space permanent AAT negative oxygen ion fresh-keeping technology, providing 360-degree maintenance of dust, deodorization, sterilization and fresh care for the ingredients, achieving a water-locking rate of more than 90% for fruits and vegetables in 7 days.

Through the unique integrated control double frequency conversion technology, TCL integrated variable frequency air-cooled refrigerator can realize quick-locking and natural fresh-keeping, quickly create a uniform temperature storage space for the ingredients, achieve 2 minutes of cold cooling at 1 °C, and quickly lock the ingredients fresh. The intelligent wind truly realizes the intelligent sensing of the temperature of the foodstuff and the temperature change of the refrigerator space, just like the 'central air conditioner' of the food, the wisdom of the oscillating air supply, the cooling is fast and uniform, the temperature in the space is kept constant, and the food is kept for a long time. In the IFA2018 exhibition, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator also won the IFA2018 integrated frequency conversion technology gold medal, and won the industry's affirmation with strength.

Not only that, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator is also equipped with antibacterial door seal and antibacterial handle, the antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus can reach 99%, not only for the food in the refrigerator, but also pay attention to the refrigerator, take two The process, truly for the user to create a full range of smart health from shopping to food storage, three meals a day.

In the increasingly high-speed and busy social life, TCL refrigerators all-round precision care for fresh ingredients, preserve the natural flavor of the ingredients, ensure zero loss of nutrition, and escort the healthy life of the users. Visible, TCL refrigerator and Ma Tianyu this CP, for people It is not only about caring and moving. It is gentle and intimate. This is the true feeling of Ma Tianyu, and it is also a true portrayal of TCL refrigerator.