The only one on the car | 'grounding gas' | The wearing parts, have you treated it well?

I believe that car tires are no strangers. They enjoy the rolling 'shoes' reputation in the car. It not only ensures the car has good ride comfort, but also bears the total weight of the car and the car suspension caused by the car. The impact is moderated, thus improving the safety of driving. The importance of the tire in the car is obvious. How to use and maintain it properly has become a trouble for many car owners.

car maintenance

It is well known that the most common tires on the market are basically made of rubber. The tire rubber itself has certain elasticity, but it is most afraid of deterioration caused by external environmental factors. The most common situation is tire rubber. Harden, lose elasticity, and finally cause the tire to crack open the line, etc., even when the tires will appear on the tires, the natural piece of rubber will fall off.

Tire off

First of all; the reason why the tire can absorb the noise and vibration caused by the friction between the vehicle and the ground, in addition to relying on the air molecular composition inside the tire, the pattern on the tire and the distortion of the bead are also indispensable; In the case of conditions, it is necessary to do some simple maintenance items for the tires, for example; after each washing, you can apply a layer of rubber wax to keep the rubber elastic on the tires, so that the rubber on the tires is beautiful. Moisturize, so that the tire can not only show the black and beautiful appearance in the appearance, but actually also has a good maintenance effect.

Maintenance tire

Secondly; if the vehicle is not used for a long time under special circumstances, it is best to find a way to support the vehicle and separate the tire from the ground; Why? Because the tire is pressed against a certain fixed position for a long time, This causes the cord fabric and the wire layer in this part of the tire to be deformed, which will affect the original roundness of the original design of the tire, which will have a great impact on the comfort and safety of the car during driving.


Then; many car owners will be very entangled in the question of how much the tire pressure should be. In fact, you only need to refer to the tire pressure reference value given in the instruction manual carried by the vehicle. Of course, many owners may buy the vintage for a long time. Used cars, or manuals are missing, but you can also refer to the more eye-catching places on the car and have corresponding values; for example, near the fuel filler or inside the front and rear of the front door frame, some high-end brand cars will have different numbers of vehicles. How much air pressure is required to be clearly identified. Therefore, it is the most correct method to refer to the tire pressure value provided by the original factory.

Spare tire

Moreover, the tire tire pressure data provided by many automobile manufacturers is usually in kilograms per square centimeter (kg/cm2). For the 215/75R16 tires assembled on a medium-sized motorhome, the front wheel The tire pressure should be kept at 2.3 to 2.5 kg/cm 2, and the number of people who may be riding a car sometimes is large, or a large amount of items are loaded on the car. At this time, the tire pressure needs to be more than normal. Out of 0.1 to 0.2; of course, the tire pressure is not the bigger the better, especially in the hot summer, or vehicles that often run at high speed, should check the excessive tire pressure in time to prevent the occurrence of puncture.

Tire leak

In addition, the tires sometimes leak before you drive, but you are not aware of it, but after driving, you will feel the steering wheel become heavy, or always go in a certain direction is difficult to master, generally In the case, there is a gas leak in the front wheel, and if there is drifting and slipping in the tail of your vehicle, there is a leak in the rear tire. But at this time, you don’t panic, park the vehicle at After the safe area, get off and check the tire condition. If the tire has problems that cannot be solved on the spot, replace the spare tire, and then replace the tire after the tire is repaired.

Replace spare tire

In fact, car tires not only endure the weight of the whole car, but also endure the sun and rain every day, doing the dirtiest and most tiring work, and more importantly, providing us with the guarantee of safety, so our car owners should also Be kind to the 'shoes' of your car.