At the time of the season, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the car oh, so as to allow the car to open more long-term, for our safety is also guaranteed. Car seasonal maintenance is very im

Different seasons of the skin maintenance has different maintenance methods, the same, different seasons of the car also have different maintenance methods. Spring and winter Four Seasons car has its maintenance method, then in two seasons alternately, what needs to pay attention to car maintenance where?

Today small make up to take a look at you together.

Car Maintenance

One, the maintenance of the battery The battery is the main car power supply system, if one day no electricity, the car may be driving halfway to stop, so must pay attention to the maintenance of car batteries. Especially in the season when the battery is the most prone to problems.

Because the car battery in a season, the electric shock touch will have some green oxide, this time we need to clear, and apply professional protective agent, otherwise it will greatly reduce the life of the car. In addition, we have to check the battery voltage is not between the 12.2-12.7v, if the voltage is too low, to timely recharge.

Also need to check the electrolyte density of the battery, if the density of the electrolyte density is too thick or too thin, it is necessary to repair the battery.

Battery Maintenance

Second, the maintenance of the engine If the engine is broken, the car cannot be opened, so it is very important that the engine is the heart of the car. And oil is the heart of the engine, so we in the maintenance of the engine, the first thing to see is the oil quality there is no problem, if the oil is thin and dark, then the oil has deteriorated at this time, must be replaced immediately.

It is better to replace the fully synthetic oil, because it has better lubrication effect.

Engine Maintenance

Three, braking system The braking system of the car is concerned with the safety of the car, so the maintenance of the braking system is also very important. At the time of the season, the most important thing is to check the car braking system is not a problem, of course, usually also pay attention to check.

and brake pads is a good car braking system is the key, the life of the brake pads is generally around 30,000 kilometers, so to 30,000 when the brake pads must be replaced in time, preferably 10,000 kilometers to check the brake pads wear degree.

Braking system

Four, car tires Car tires is the carrier of the car, in the summer because of fear of a flat tire, car owners will put the gas off a point, but now the weather turned cool, to the car tires to supplement the tire pressure. And opened a summer car tire tread may become relatively shallow, autumn and winter season, rain and snow is very much, the road is relatively slippery, to the winter will also freeze.

If the tyre is too shallow, it will reduce the friction with the ground, driving on the road is very dangerous, so in the time of the season should always check the car tires, if there is a problem to be replaced in time.

Car Tires

Five, car exterior cleaning Finally, we say that the car maintenance of the cleaning problem, due to different seasons of different weather, the car is easy to breed bacteria and so on, so in the season when we must be a full range of car cleaning, to keep the car clean and tidy.

Especially car seats, dirt and bacteria are very much, must be washed clean with soap.