Reading: Will you pay for it after 00? HP fashion printer is like this | Will you pay after 00? HP fashion printer is like this

Perhaps the trend of paperless office, let the family and office work hard to reduce the waste of paper. So when all electronic products become smarter, the printer has dragged its feet in this regard. But in order to increase the number of The appeal of a generation of users, HP hopes that its newly designed Tango printer can achieve a better balance between fashion, function and mobility. With the matching HP Tango mobile app, you can use the printer more easily.

Most printers on the market offer drivers and management software for PC or Mac platforms. But with the push of smartphones, vendors are beginning to focus on mobile platforms.

HP Tango doesn't just push notifications to smartphones in one direction (such as insufficient ink), but can be more intelligently reminded to automatically renew through HP's Instant Ink service.

In addition to many of today's smart devices, HP Tango supports voice interaction with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Microsoft Cortana. (Oddly, Apple Siri is not supported at this time)

The HP Tango will be available in October and will start at $149 (about 1025 RMB).

If you want a 'fancy cover', you can also take out $199 (1368 RMB) to purchase the HP Tango X model.