Reading: Doctor removes tumor for lucky dog ​​| and makes 3D printed skull plate | Doctor removes tumor for lucky dog ​​| and makes 3D printed skull plate

'Patch' is a dog that is unfortunately suffering from a head tumor. Fortunately, with superb technology, the doctor has prepared a perfect 3D printed skull plate for it. As a dachshund, the large tumor on the head poses a lot of trouble for the health and daily life of the 'patches'. Because it grows through the skull, it even squeezes into the brain and eyes. To eliminate the tumor growth in the skull. The doctors developed a method for replacing the titanium implant with 3D printing.

This is a special patient (from: Ontario Veterinary College)

Under the cooperation of the Rappid team at the University of Guelph, the Ontario Veterinary College has performed surgery. Rappid is the abbreviation of 'Rapid Prototype for Special Implants for Dogs'. Before the operation, the doctors used the 3D printed model for analysis and practice.

The combination of model exercises and prefabricated plates greatly reduces the time required for surgery. If traditional methods are used, the veterinarian will have to use titanium mesh to make matching implants in the operating room after removing the tumor. This usually requires more Long time.

Based on data modeling, the team replaced 70% of the skulls in dogs with 3D printed titanium plates.

About half an hour after the successful operation, the 'patch' recovered to a state of waking. Although the Veterinary College did not disclose the full cost of the treatment, it will help lay a solid foundation for future related applications.

Oblak said: 'By performing the relevant processes on our animal patients, we can provide valuable information to the industry to demonstrate the value and safety of these implants to humans'.