Commander air conditioning debut in Beijing 1m2 fashion space exhibition: 10 seconds 10 degrees create a comfortable life experience

On September 22nd, the 1m2 fashion hall of Commander Electric appeared in Beijing. It attracted a large number of young users to participate in the scene by setting up a fashion experience scene. It is understood that the theme of the experience area scene is inspired by the '1m2 fashion blockbuster' issued by the commander and Deng Ren. Among them, the commander L.ONE air conditioner also attended the scene, through the on-site display of 10 seconds 10 degree temperature change technology, the high-quality brand concept to more users, and won more brand reputation for the commander air conditioner.

In the 1m2 fashion block released by Deng Lun, the commander air conditioner brought comfortable temperature and environment to Deng Lun's home life. Entering the 1m2 fashion experience area in Beijing, the fashion scene in the film was moved to the user. The lines, the rounded profile, and the simple appearance of the air-conditioning, will soon attract users to take a group photo. In addition to the simple and elegant design, the air-conditioning '10 seconds 10 degrees' temperature change technology also left a deep impression on the audience. After the experience of 90, Xiaoya said, 'Just opened a few seconds, you can clearly feel the cool.' This ultimate experience is beyond the recognition of many people.

With the change of consumer subjects and the upgrading of consumption structure, more and more young users tend to choose high-quality home appliances. After the Pan 90, the demand for personality and leisure is significantly higher than that of the previous generation of consumers. Selecting home appliances that can quickly meet the needs of life. Traditional air conditioners are limited by technology, and there are widespread pain points for users with slow cooling and heating. The user experience is extremely poor. The commander air conditioner breaks through the industry know-how, and its 'jump technology' can be used. The air conditioner runs at a higher frequency, and the cooling and heating effect is more powerful. After the national daily electrical appliance quality supervision and testing center detects that the commander L.ONE air conditioner starts normal air, the temperature change rate can be more than 10 seconds and 10 degrees, which responds positively to the young. The user's need for air conditioning creates a comfortable experience.

From the interaction of the on-site users in the 1m2 fashion space, the commander air conditioner is based on the young community and realizes seamless contact with the users. In the past, the commander air conditioner used a demonstration experiment of honey to interact with the young community, allowing users to pass The vivid and interesting way to 'know understand' 10 seconds 10 degrees rapid temperature change technology. In the video, the commander air conditioner easily realizes honey crystallization in 1 minute, the shape conversion of thawing, the product performance is obviously better than ordinary air conditioner. With the first 10 seconds 10 The frequency hopping technology, the commander air conditioner won the 2018 China International Consumer Electronics Show 'Leader Innovation Award' industrial design award on July 21st. On August 31st, Germany, it won the 2018IFA 'Technology Innovation of the Year', showing its right. The leading role of the industry.

Experts pointed out that the upgrading of household appliances consumption has put forward higher requirements for enterprises in product research and development, home appliance marketing thinking, and user psychological grasp. The commander air conditioner starts from the individual needs of the young community and continuously introduces the requirements of the times. Subversive products bring a simpler and more fashionable experience to users. At the same time, the commander air-conditioning excavates user pain points through various forms of user interaction, and continuously produces innovative solutions to take the exploration spirit and innovation strength at the forefront of the industry. Inject more vitality into the in-depth development of the young home appliance industry.