In the era of quality consumption, Hisense warm men's washing and drying machine leads the new trend of the industry

With the improvement of national income, people's living standards are rising day by day. Many high-end home appliances are gradually entering various families. With the upgrading of consumer demand, the home appliance market has entered the deep water area, and more and more consumers are beginning to pursue quality consumption. 1. Intelligent, convenient, and healthy has become a new round of concern for consumers.

After decades of industry baptism, the Chinese washing machine market can be said to be very mature. The birth of the washing machine has liberated the hands and brought great convenience to people. But as the pace of life accelerates, the needs of consumers have also changed. Washing, dehydration and other basic functions have not met the needs of consumers, so the washing machine market is also changing, emerging dryers, washing and drying machine and other new categories.

As far as the dryer is concerned, compared with the popularity of foreign families, it is 'not to be seen' in the domestic market. There are two main reasons for this. In the case of Chinese families, small households are mostly, washing machines have It is a must-have in the family. It takes extra space to purchase a dryer. Secondly, special fabrics such as down, wool and so on cannot be dried using a clothes dryer. In fact, Chinese households are more suitable for clothes dryers, and the rainy season in the south is often It takes time and effort to dry clothes, and it takes time and effort to dry clothes in winter. When it is in a humid environment for a long time, the clothes are easily attacked by mold. Healthy laundry becomes a pain point in winter. Therefore, the washing and drying machine has become the new favorite of the industry. .

Hisense washing machine has always been focused on providing high quality and high quality products for Chinese users. It has always been at the forefront in creating high-end products and leading the industry upgrade. The listing of Hisense Warm Men A8, A10 washing and drying machine is more thoughtful. The humanized design and comfortable experience have won the favor of the public. In addition to the different capacities, the two washing machines are mainly used for washing and drying, and they are quickly washed and dried. The reason why they are called 'warm man' is because of these two models. The washing machine has a powerful 'warm-coating' function. In the rainy and cold weather, in a few minutes, it can quickly warm the clothes and dry the clothes at a suitable temperature. It is called 'the rainy season savior'.

In addition, the built-in Dry-max drying system can achieve fast washing and drying in 60 minutes, washing in clothes for 15 minutes, drying in 45 minutes, through intelligent high-precision intelligent sensing system, intelligent sensing temperature and humidity in the cylinder, precise temperature control, The clothes are stopped, preventing the clothes from drying excessively, that is, wearing, ironing, and timing drying. The three drying modes make the clothes dry as desired. In terms of technology, design, appearance, function, etc., through the improvement of product quality, User-friendly design, convenient operation, to truly meet the user's inner needs.

Hisense Warm Men A8, A10 Washing and Drying Machine achieves industry breakthroughs in warm clothing and drying. At the same time, it pays more attention to the people's pursuit of health and quality of life. It is the pain point of users, Hisense Warm Men A8, A10 The washing and drying machine has achieved the real health care, air washing, 95° high temperature sterilization washing, infant washing and other 15 washing procedures, sterilization and deodorization, creating an exclusive drying experience for each type of clothing. Food-grade washing standards, giving consumers the most assured health experience, leading the industry's new trend.

In the era of quality consumption, it is the right way to locate the needs of users. The Hisense Warm Men A8, A10 washing and drying machine can not only bring a healthy and comfortable washing and drying experience for the modern family, but the ultra-high washing and drying technology will also promote the whole washing machine industry. High, faster, better direction! I believe that more and more families will enjoy a green and healthy quality of life, and the washing machine industry will usher in a new stage of development!