The overall decline in the refrigerator market | Haier focus on high-end contrarian growth of 7.5%

According to the market data released by Zhongyi Kang in the 37th week, the refrigerator industry has increased by -4.2% annually. The increase in the first half of the year has not saved the refrigerator market from entering the down channel. In this context, Haier refrigerator counter The potential growth was 7.5%, and the cumulative annual share reached 35.3%, ranking first in the industry. Among them, in the high-end market of more than 10,000 yuan, the cumulative annual share of Haier refrigerator reached 40.8%.

The continuous decline of the refrigerator market, in addition to the increase in the price of its own raw materials, the most important reason is the consumer downturn. On the one hand, China's real estate regulation and control, the sharp decline in real estate sales has brought tremendous pressure on the growth of the refrigerator market demand. On the other hand, the refrigerator The number of households is saturated. By the end of 2016, the average number of refrigerators per 100 households in the country has reached 93.5.

In the context of the sluggish growth of the overall refrigerator market, the high-end refrigerator market has taken the lead in product upgrades and entered a rapid growth channel. The monthly monitoring data of Zhongyi Kang Line shows that the retail volume of the overall refrigerator market fell sharply by 11.4 in 2017. In the environment of %, the high-end refrigerator market of more than 8,000 yuan rose against the trend, with a rise of 26.5%. Although the growth rate in 2018 slowed down on a higher base, it still maintained a growth of more than 20%, with a share of 9.1%.

In this regard, Yang He, an analyst at Ovi Cloud's Ice Wash Big Data Division, said that when consumption upgrades are replaced, consumer quality and experience naturally become the primary needs of consumers, and consumers are more willing to pay for higher quality products. High prices, high-end products have become the choice of more and more people. Under the trend of large-scale industry, the high-end market has become the new engine of the refrigerator industry in transition.

Haier refrigerator can achieve contrarian growth, which is due to its use of high-end products to meet the needs of consumers. In response to the high-end storage needs of consumers, Haier launched the banquet refrigerator with original fine-control micro-channel technology, dry and wet storage Technology and intelligent constant temperature technology, providing consumers with refrigerated dry and wet storage, frozen original flavor storage experience, cracking the consumer fruit and vegetable ingredients water loss, snoring, dry goods, moisture loss and other problems.

In the face of the intelligent needs of consumers, Haier builds a food-linked ecology with smart refrigerators as its core, providing consumers with a personalized, sustainable and iterative healthy food program. After consumers upload medical data in the cloud of smart refrigerators, genetic data, The nutritionist analyzes and personalizes the healthy diet. Afterwards, the organic farm, the food provider can provide safe and healthy ingredients according to the health plan, and the consumer can realize the harvesting processing, inspection and quarantine, logistics and transportation, transit warehouse through the smart refrigerator. Trace the source of information. At the same time, Haier Smart Refrigerator can also communicate with the oven, hood, and cooker to provide a healthy cooking experience for consumers.

Under the guidance of the single-in-one mode, Haier Refrigerator has won the market share by upgrading its product value to meet the needs of users. With the growing demand for health preservation and intelligence, refrigerator companies will also diversify. The industry brings new growth points, which in turn promotes a qualitative leap in user experience.