o ke ma commercial freezer based on continuous innovation iterative, accurate grasp of customer demand, with strength and Yan value conquered the presence of many exhibitors, the vast number of dealer

2018 the 18th session of Chinese ice cream and frozen food exhibition in China, recently closed in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center.

As a good trade and exchange platform, the exhibition has 35,000 famous ice cream and frozen food manufacturers exhibiting in China and overseas. As a leading company in the field of cold chain, AO ke ma commercial appliances with 14 energy-efficient products shock debut (such as Sd-338ha, SD-561, sd-390f, SD-330 and other star products), to a strong product lineup to visit the Ningbo Ice Cream exhibition, become the focus of the full attention, show extraordinary strength. The author on-site visit found, take SD-330 as an example, as the most new generation of horizontal cabinet products, the use of first-line brand quality refrigeration compressor, good performance, long life, low noise, higher reliability; use R290 refrigerant, environmental pollution-free; new tempered coated glass door, not easy to break, reduce the loss of cold, super power saving; curved Glass

Combined with an integrated light box, the display area is large, the advertising effect is good, showing the brand and strength of the business is excellent. Exhibition site, ao ke ma commercial electrical showroom crowded, business personnel to high-quality service, professional knowledge, sincere reception of every customer, patience for customers to answer questions.

Also let many customers live experience of the AO ke ma commercial freezer refrigeration technology, 0 away from the experience of Australia Ke MA commercial freezer leading technology.