BYD's ecological stone, the mid-level sedan with a price of 79,800 – Qin Pro listed

On the evening of the 20th, BYD held a press conference in Beijing, officially released its heavyweight product, the Qin Pro mid-size sedan, and announced the price. In fact, the exposure of the car has been a lot before, so now it’s squatting. Focus on it.

Regarding this car, everyone is most concerned about its price and configuration. First of all, in terms of configuration, the car is divided into three models, namely the fuel version, the hybrid version, and the pure electric version. Meanwhile, BYD for each Each model also gives its own product positioning:

It can be seen that there is a keyword in the positioning of each model, which is 'smart', because Qin Pro is the world's first model equipped with 'BYD D++ Open Ecology'.

Compared with other models, Qin Pro, with its unprecedented openness, can link developers, products, users and society, empowering the future smart travel ecology, condensing the wisdom of 20 million developers around the world, using the DiLink intelligent network system as a platform. The vehicle OTA intelligent remote upgrade, Qin Pro can be derived from infinite vehicle applications. In the official words: 'It will become a new AI species that can evolve infinitely.'

In terms of the price that everyone is most concerned about, Qin Pro's models are also subdivided into a variety of configurations, including 6 fuel models, 4 DM versions, 3 pure electric versions, and 5 developer versions. And the price as shown below:

It can be seen that as a mid-size sedan, the cheapest Qin Pro fuel version of Zhilian Fengdong is priced at only 79,800 yuan, which is definitely the 'price butcher' of the same class. At the same time, the most expensive price. Qin Pro EV500 Zhilian Lingyao comprehensive subsidy price of 189,900 yuan, compared with the same level of independent new energy vehicles and joint venture fuel vehicles also have a good competitive edge.

In addition to the surprising price, the car still has many highlights in many aspects. In addition to the 'smart' mentioned above, in terms of power, Qin Pro is also remarkable.

Qin Pro fuel version, equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and 1.5TI turbocharged engine, economical, smooth and stable; Qin Pro DM version, using BYD's third-generation DM technology, the fastest acceleration time of 5.9 seconds per 100 kilometers, comprehensive conditions The pure electric battery can reach 80 kilometers, the fuel consumption is as low as 1L in 100km; Qin Pro EV500 pure electric version, the cruising range is up to 500km, equipped with fast charging technology, the fastest 30 minutes can be charged to 80%, the longest one-day driving The mileage can exceed 800 kilometers.

As for the appearance, I believe that everyone is no longer strange: International design guru Iger has proved everything with Dragon Face, smart dragon face shape, dragon jumping waistline, meteor curve back style, star blue suspension wake-up LED headlights, 12.8 inches The 8-core adaptive rotary suspension pad and the interstellar embracing smart cockpit create the dynamic and stylish appearance of Qin Pro and the luxurious interior of the technology.

Last but not least, I believe you should have noticed that the car has 5 different versions of the developer version. This means that as the first model equipped with 'BYD D++ Open Ecology', Qin Pro is not just a simple one. 4. The terminal product, but BYD's strategy of building a 'smart car big ecology' strategy.

In the wave of mobile internet and information age, technologies such as AI are booming, and cars will eventually evolve into a mobile travel partner of 'high IQ, high emotional intelligence' from the cold machinery. The listing of Qin Pro may be to announce to the world. : 'BYD, has already walked in front.'