Yunmi Internet refrigerator pushes new products | 545L open door air-cooled fresh only 2499

A good refrigerator not only provides space for food preservation and storage, but also improves the overall quality of home life. Especially in recent years, Internet appliances have emerged, and major manufacturers have launched Internet refrigerators to make advanced AI artificial intelligence technology. Into the kitchen, but often expensive, difficult to enter the ordinary people's home. Recently, Yunmi's whole house Internet appliances have launched a cost-effective 545L door open air-cooled large refrigerator, full DC double frequency conversion air-cooled frost-free , also has the characteristics of smart interconnection, the price is as low as 2,499 yuan.

This Yunmi Internet refrigerator is based on the original product, and the refrigerator has a capacity of 545L. It has a 210L large freezer and a 335L large refrigerator. This powerful capacity configuration, even a family of 7 people. The family can also meet the storage needs of ingredients for a week or so. For those who are busy with work, it is better to buy at the weekend, don't worry about the refrigerator.

Not only the volume has increased, but also the storage space of the refrigerator has been designed more rationally. The bottle holder is designed separately on the inside of the refrigerator door. The usual mineral water, beer and beverage can be placed directly and neatly here; Design, more space for storing large-scale ingredients like watermelon.

The Yunmi Internet Refrigerator 545L version uses a dual air-cooling cycle design, which is circulated by conveying 360° cold air and delivered to every corner of the refrigerator to reduce the temperature and keep the food fresh. This preservation technology can be evenly distributed on the one hand. Cooling down makes the whole cabin temperature relatively stable; on the other hand, it can also minimize the loss of water for fresh ingredients and maintain a fresh taste.

In order to better sense and automatically adjust the cabin temperature, Yunmi Internet Refrigerator has set 4 temperature sensors inside the door 545L. When the hot food is put in, the refrigerator senses, automatically adjusts to the cooling mode, and quickly cools the food, avoiding The temperature of hot food affects the preservation of other ingredients.

The 545L version of the Yunmi Internet refrigerator is equipped with a vector inverter compressor fan. The refrigerator itself can intelligently sense the ambient temperature change and match the appropriate operation mode, which is also conducive to saving energy and achieving national secondary energy efficiency. The noise is only 39db, which does not disturb the comfort and tranquility of home life.

As an Internet refrigerator, Yunmi Internet refrigerator open door 545L version also supports mobile app management refrigerator, bind the refrigerator after downloading the app through mobile phone, control and manage the operating mode and temperature of the refrigerator, and view the running status of the refrigerator in the home anytime and anywhere. At the same time, it can also intelligently interconnect with other Internet home appliances of Yunmi. It can also adjust cabin temperature and switch between different working modes in products such as Yunmi Small V and Yunmi Magic Mirror to realize intelligent interconnection of all household appliances.

At present, Yunmi Internet refrigerator to open the door 545L version is in the Yunmi Jingdong self-operated flagship store to make an appointment to buy, 2899 yuan price, September 25 at 10 o'clock, spike price 2599, the first 1000 units then drop 100, to the hand price of 2499! Great value choice, you need to buy a refrigerator to consider!

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