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Refrigerator as one of the "four pieces" in the home, can be said to be very important, its role is not only to store food, but also with the health of the family is closely related, only to ensure that the fresh ingredients to bring us rich nutrition.

In addition the capacity of the refrigerator is also a decisive factor in the selection of consumers, I believe many friends have had such experience, while the merchant promotion bought a lot of vegetables and fruits home, but found that the refrigerator is not installed, so that the refrigerator is big enough. Recently, the cloud meter All-house Internet appliances launched new internet refrigerators, the door design to use convenient, more than 545L of large capacity, to meet the seven home a week of food reserves. Even if every day procurement is not afraid of no space installed, with this refrigerator, can put the supermarket moved home!210l large freezer +335l large freezer, whether it is fresh fruits and vegetables, raw deli materials, cold drinks snacks, or frozen meat cooked food, ice-cream dry, once loaded into the worry and effort, like hoarding goods friends can buy one at a time enough,

Even if you put the whole big watermelon is no problem. Afraid of storing long food ingredients are not fresh? Cloud meters using the industry-leading 360° dual-loop air-feeding technology, through the internal cooling wind cycle to achieve uniform cooling, long-term preservation purposes, cold air is blown to every corner, the overall cabin temperature is relatively stable, and has the evaporator automatic defrost function, cold storage should not frost, food materials long-term store can also ensure fresh.

In order to control the internal temperature accurately, the official in the refrigerator equipped with 4 intelligent temperature sensor, if the hot food into the system will automatically adjust the refrigeration mode, rapid cooling to avoid affecting other ingredients. Since it is a smart refrigerator, of course, voice control function, cloud meter Internet refrigerator can be connected by wireless network and cloud meter small V or day cat Elf speakers, adjust the refrigerator temperature, check cabin status, change the intelligent mode, can be completed with the voice, a sentence to solve complex operations.

Of course, in the absence of voice terminals, users can also use mobile phone app to do the above, two remote control methods, so that life is full of scientific and technological sense. Double-door refrigerator more in line with the daily habits of people, its unique left-frozen, right refrigeration design, convenient for users to take food materials, open the door of the instant built-in LED lighting, the cabin items are clearly visible; users do not have to stoop to take things, the night does not need to turn on the lights, the elderly pregnant women have become a lot

In addition, do not look at the Cloud meter Internet refrigerator volume is bulky, only 66cm thin fuselage almost with the cabinet flat, in order to ensure that the product beautiful and practical, the official body thickness to the extreme, the perfect inlay in the cupboard to ensure the overall effect of the kitchen.

LED touch-screen, large compartment space, 8-layer door bottle shelf, from the details can feel the Yunmi to the user's needs, price is more people can not refuse

Cloud meter Jingdong self-owned flagship store September 25 10 o'clock, second bargain 2599! The first 1000 sets down 100, the price 2499!! The price of one of the two old refrigerators, bringing two units of the size of the refrigerator, more rich features and the ultimate experience, see here is there any reason not to be tempted?

Interested friends may wish to pay attention to, early start is the wise choice! Cloud meter Internet appliances through the internet, AI and other technical means to integrate a unified perspective, to provide consumers with a complete system of smart home appliances/home solutions.

For more Internet life scenarios, cloud meters is looking forward to exploring with you.
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