Can be seen, so that household appliances become a living space art, is the future development of the home appliance industry inevitable trend. Internal and external Repair | Panasonic Alpha-Alfa wash

In the trend of consumer upgrading, the appearance of traditional appliances, the function has long been unable to meet the needs of consumers, so a creative and inspired by the impact of the resulting, Panasonic washing machine and Porsche design together, set high-end aesthetics and excellent performance in one of the Panasonic Alpha washing machine Yao World released. Alexander Porsche once said that ' design must be sincere ', design from the user's point of view, must express the product's function, not for the decoration and increase the use of products difficult.

Strive to be concise at the same time design, materials, technology must be very sophisticated, in order to forge new products.

Cross-border design overturns traditional craftsmanship, ' heavyweight ' highlights high-quality Innovation is the challenge to tradition. In the white power, the washing machine is the most similar to the car electrical appliances. The burst of cross-border inspiration usually stems from the similarities between the two types of products. For example, the hub-type inner cylinder of the Panasonic alpha-Alfa Washer is inspired by the high-performance sports wheel hub styling, the structure is strong, matching the 1600rpm industry ultra-high speed, to achieve excellent washing properties; five-barrel dashboard UI design inspired by the classic five-barrel dashboard, highly professional UI reading performance, concise

Revealing the fashion, the classic in a taste. It is worth mentioning that the Panasonic Alpha washing machine is also a ' heavyweight '. In the material selection, Panasonic Alpha washing machine used glass and aluminum alloy instead of the previous washing machine plastic, high-grade stainless steel box, resulting in more than dozens of pounds of traditional washing machine weight. At the same time, the increase in weight for the smooth operation of the machine brings security, with the advanced sports car five-point suspension suspension system and the CBB ball centrifugal balance wheel, the washing machine drum operation brought triple stability.

Ithas's reliable exterior, the fashion high-end taste.

Panasonic and Porsche's creation cooperation, subvert the traditional washing machine process manufacturing technology, choose the Bauhaus design style, simple high-end, the details of the focus on the penetration of Panasonic Alpha washing machine high quality.

Smart Clean one step, enjoy technology and convenient life In this fast-paced era, slow life becomes a luxury. Busy while quietly read a book, product a cup of tea, but by the trivial life, we began to think about why the good time wasted on household chores, so household appliances into intelligent. With the app remote Intelligent control system, the Panasonic Alpha-alpha washing machine allows users to remotely manipulate it anytime and anywhere, allowing the laundry to no longer bundle your time.

At the same time, the detergent intelligent delivery system can realize the washing fluid, softener and other detergent amount of automatic matching, more worry about the operation. Some of the stubborn old-fashioned groups in society think intelligence is unreliable, questioning the cleaning ability of smart washing machines. The Panasonic Alpha washing machine is the perfect way to eliminate this concern. Panasonic will be nanoe™x for the first time (Germ Report No.: wxq-18-30225 Strain Type: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus; Deodorant Report No: wxq-18-30224) Nano-water ion technology applied to washing machine products, Its release of nano-water ions can penetrate into the fabric of every fiber, to achieve deep removal of bacteria, thoroughly remove the odor effect. Combined with professional ag+ technology, it can also be sterilized under ambient washing conditions. To prevent the long-time use of the washing machine, resulting in the accumulation of litter such as lint on clothing, the Panasonic Alpha-alpha washing machine is equipped with a jet-jet self-cleaning system that keeps the washing machine in the bucket for daily use.

Four-heavy technology to impose operations, so that laundry clean one step, with this laundry small expert, so that housework also become a kind of enjoyment. The Panasonic Alpha Alpha washing machine adheres to the sincere design concept and combines high-end aesthetics with excellent performance to meet the needs of the user for high-quality living.

Can be seen, so that household appliances become a living space art, is the future development of the home appliance industry inevitable trend. Internal and external Repair | Panasonic Alpha-Alfa washing machine is a remarkable