Into the autumn is still selling | Mijia Internet air conditioning user satisfaction reached 99.8%

Since its release on July 23, the Mijia Internet air conditioner, which sells for 1999 yuan, has been accompanied by many controversies. So, what is the actual performance of this product after its launch? It is worth noting that after several rounds of sales, the current Mijia Internet The user satisfaction of air conditioners in Xiaomi Mall has reached 99.8%, which is rare in many products of Xiaomi Mall.

On September 17, Mijia Internet Air Conditioner was once on sale in Xiaomi Online, and it was sold out very quickly. Although it has already entered the autumn, this product still has strong demand and is in a state of how much to sell.

Mijia Internet Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is responsible for R&D and manufacturing by Xiaomi Eco-chain Enterprise smartmi Zhimi Technology. The company is also a manufacturer of the previous Zhimi full DC inverter air conditioner, with excellent supply chain and rich manufacturing experience. 2017-11 In the month, Zhimi full DC inverter air conditioner won the G-Mark Japan Good Design Gold Award, becoming the first mainland China product to receive the gold award in the 60 years since its establishment. The Mijia Internet Air Conditioning continues the G-Mark design gene.

Unlike small appliances, because air conditioners require large cargo flow, door-to-door installation and other complex channel support, the lack of any link will have an impact on user evaluation. In view of this, Mijia Internet Air Conditioning can obtain 99.8% support rate. Quite rare. Although it is the first air conditioner of the Mijia brand, it is very old in terms of supporting services.

High value and high performance are the highlights of Mijia Internet air conditioner. The simple and modern design of the internal machine adopts the suspension design to better integrate into the modern home environment; equipped with weather resistant ABS polymer resin etched panel, let The air conditioner can be white as long as the long-term illumination; with the LED display, the air-conditioning operation mode and data are clear at a glance. The Mijia Internet air conditioner is also equipped with a high-value remote control, and also adopts a weather-resistant ABS polymer resin-etched outer casing. In order to prevent the remote control from turning yellow in long-term use, it improves the dirt resistance of the remote control.

In terms of performance, Mijia Internet adopts a double-row integrated arc heat exchanger with a larger heat exchange area, which is more efficient in cooling and heating; a large-diameter cross-flow fan is matched with an 80 mm-length curved wind deflector. 6 meters of air supply distance and a larger angle of air supply. At the same time, the electric auxiliary heat function of 900W heating power is configured, which is the combination of large air conditioning capacity and high heat capacity, reaching a circulating air volume of 650m3/h. Equipped with a detachable water-washing antibacterial filter, one injection molding, high flatness, and reliable connection strength, which is conducive to enhanced filtration and ventilation efficiency.

In addition, Mijia Internet Air Conditioning also retains an important feature of Zhimi Home Appliances, which is silent. Zhimi R&D team has reformed and innovated the wind road components of Mijia Internet Air Conditioner: The design of fan blades is also guaranteed. The air volume can also effectively reduce the noise; the profile design of the air duct effectively reduces the airflow disorder, makes the air circulation smoother and the noise is lower. The dual design makes the noise of the Mijia Internet air conditioner as low as 22 decibels, which is convenient for sleeping in the middle of the night. use.

Like other ioT devices of smartmi Zhimi, in addition to the built-in remote control, Mijia Internet Air Conditioner also supports Mijia APP and Xiaoai speaker control, which is easy to operate. At the same time, in Mijia APP, Mijia Internet Air Conditioner can achieve 0.1. °C precise temperature control, and can interact with intelligent IoT devices in other Xiaomi ecological chain, so that users can truly appreciate the convenience brought by Internet technology.

Mijia Internet air conditioner is priced at 1999 yuan, the purchase can be exempted from the basic installation fee of 200 yuan. Although not the most demanding season of air conditioning, but the capacity is still not as hot as the demand. Interested friends can pay attention to the sale time of this product , make a purchase.