Reading: Prodways launches e-commerce platform for high-performance 3D printed materials | Prodways launches e-commerce platform for high-performance 3D printed materials

According to foreign media, Prodways has launched an e-commerce website for the sale of additive manufacturing materials. It is reported that Prodways Materials is a subsidiary of Prodways Group, a French 3D printing specialist.

Emanuel Mesaric, CEO of Prodways Materials, said: 'The launch of this e-commerce site is another strategic advancement for Prodways Materials. With its expertise in machines, its team is dedicated to the development of additive manufacturing materials, as well as industrial cooperation and R&D, Prodways Group continuously supplies and develops high-quality 3D printed materials, and its superior performance paves the way for new industry applications.

According to reports, Prodways Group's revenue increased by 88% in the first half of 2018 and continues to operate confidently in the 3D printing industry. The company manufactures and develops 3D printing technology/machines, such as ProMaker LD-3 MovingLight DLP 3D printers, for custom parts production. Provide services.

This e-commerce site, Prodways Materials, offers stereolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP) resins, as well as selective laser sintered powder materials (SLS).
Resins and powders can be searched according to the application. For example, CE-certified surgical application resins can be found in the medical or dental category, while elastomer powder TPU-70 can be found in the footwear category because it is used to make super-flexible soles. In addition, Prodways Materials' PA12, PA11 and TPU powders are classified in the automotive category due to their high mechanical strength.

The Prodways Group has taken many strategic initiatives over the past few years to expand its technology presence in the European market, namely jewellery manufacturing. Recently, Prodways Group acquired Stratasys' wax 3D printer Solidscape. In this acquisition, Prodways Group Director Long and CEO Raphaël Gorgé explained:

'The overall strategic acquisition with the PRODWAYS Group is a unique opportunity to promote its machine sales business and expand its technology portfolio while achieving excellent geographic coverage and a team for its expertise in additive manufacturing.'

Prior to this, Prodways Group acquired a 75% stake in the French company Interson-Protac, which used 3D printing to make custom hearing aids. In addition, the company also completely acquired the French engineering company AvenAo Industrie to demonstrate its commitment to industrial 4.0 development. .