More than Meizu 16X, Meizu September new product release will be a great inventory

On September 19th, Meizu will hold a new product launch conference in September. Like the last month's event, the protagonist of this conference is still a new machine that is expected by everyone, but this time it was replaced by the mid-range model Meizu 16X. Of course, in addition to Meizu 16X, if not unexpected, Meizu will bring at least two new mobile phones, which is very exciting.

Best Marketing, Meizu 16X Best of the Best

The foundation of Meizu marketing staff must have been felt by many friends during the warm-up period of Meizu 16. Both brains and talents are the top in the industry. This time, when the protagonist of the conference was replaced by Meizu 16X, Can they still count as many powders as they did last time?

Judging from the preheating posters of Meizu 16X several times, the marketing team members' skills are not decreasing, the Slogan is also a louder one, '汝 白白', 'screen fingerprint', 'IMX380+IMX350' Many highlights have become the main theme of the poster.

The reason why Meizu’s marketers are so confident, this has a direct relationship with the strong strength of Meizu 16X itself. Meizu 16X is not in the hardware, but the price of 2000 yuan includes Snapdragon 710, Sony flagship sensor, 6GB storage and The fingerprint recognition component under the light-sensing screen not only flattens the so-called cost-effective machine in the market, but also reduces the price of the screen fingerprint technology directly to 2,000 yuan. In the domestic market, who else can do it? ?

Appearance, Meizu 16X continues the Meizu 16 word of mouth excellent design style, 'no messy design, is the best design'. At that time Meizu used this slogan to open the new look of Meizu 16, this time, they use again This slogan explains what a real mobile phone designer is.

Low-end upstart, Meizu V8 and Charm blue new machine

In addition to Meizu 16X this mid-end price-performance artifact, Meizu is expected to release two low-end models, respectively, the Meizu V8 and the charm blue digital series of thousands of dollars. Although the main market of these two phones is an entry Level, but from the performance of the entry machine before Meizu and Charm Blue, they not only have no shortcomings in hardware configuration, but also perform well in taking pictures.

Recently, Meizu V8's running data map is also open on the Internet. From the data point of view, Meizu V8 is likely to be equipped with Kirin 710 processor. This Huawei self-developed chip adopts 12nm process, which can be compared with Qualcomm's flagship performance. Xiaolong 660 is competing, so Meizu V8 is also full of watching.

Crash M8 Youth Edition, strong dialogue attracts attention

It’s a coincidence that the Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition, which was just unveiled in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also announced that it will hold a new product launch on September 19. As an old rival in domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Xiaomi and Meizu have maintained fierce competition in the past few years. Can not help but on the product tit for tat, even at the press conference, both sides have to take out the other's products to tease.

This Meizu 16X showdown millet 8 youth version, who will win? From the current media exposure information, Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition will also be equipped with Xiaolong 710 processor, and equipped with screen fingerprint technology, rear main The number of camera primes is up to 24 million, and there are bright and gorgeous gradient back shells as decoration. No matter how you look, Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition is like a replica of Meizu 16X. So the direct dialogue between these two mobile phones has become one of this month. Big look.

Finally, the key to the outcome of this life-and-death matchup is now in the hands of the manufacturers on both sides. A small change can have a huge impact, even directly determining the fate of the two mobile phones in the second half of the year. , price has become the most sensitive topic.