One plus enters the smart home | Liu Zuohu: Explore a better technology life

On September 17th, Beijing time, the founder of Yijia Technology, CEO Liu Zuohu announced through Weibo: One plus will start with smart TV, and join the Internet smart home field with the mind of the explorer.

Since its inception, Yijia has been committed to sharing quality technology with the world. This time, Liu Zuohu also put forward his views on 'better technology life' in his long Weibo. He believes that with 5G, AI and other technologies Development, family smart life scenes will be very different from the present. Today, there are four major Internet application scenarios for users: mobile, family, car and office. The family is a very important scene in life, still at a relatively early stage. One Plus Technology has entered the field of Internet smart homes. It is hoped that through the addition of TV, users can experience the complete Internet user experience in the family scene and enjoy the 'better technology life'.

In terms of product positioning, one plus TV products will maintain the same flagship route as mobile phones, insisting on the strategy of only flagship products. Liu Zuohu said that the future TV will exist in a new form, as a ubiquitous smart display in the home life. One plus will explore and build a high-end flagship TV. One plus will apply the experience accumulated in hardware product development, manufacturing and better product interaction experience to the development of smart TV products, creating excellent design for users. Interactive and smooth TV products to meet the needs of home users for quality manufacturing processes and Internet experience.

In the past five years, I have created eight flagship products, which have won the recognition of millions of users around the world. One plus one as the first product to enter the Indian market, scored 4.3 points on Amazon's official website, which is in Amazon's smartphone products. First, since then, a generation of mobile phones have been among the best in Amazon's official website. The one-plus-six-year-old that became available this year has become the highest-selling mobile phone product in the history of Amazon's Indian website. In the PCMag2018 annual readership award, one is added to the North American smartphone. User satisfaction ranks first; in Finland, one plus the past year is the first mobile phone sales of operator Elisa. In China, "Today's headline 2018 mobile phone industry white paper" shows that one plus 6 has become the highest user satisfaction. Android flagship. Stick to the flagship boutique strategy, let one plus product gain good reputation in the world.

Community culture is a plus tradition. Starting from one plus one, we will improve and optimize products with community users from different countries and different backgrounds. Up to now, the one plus community has attracted more than 5 million from 196 countries around the world. Registered users. One plus smart TV will also encourage community users to participate in product development through community interaction.

'Share quality technology with the world, hope to make people's life better by creating the best technology products.' Liu Zuohu said that this is the goal set by the beginning of the establishment of Canada. With this belief, one plus After five years in the smart phone industry, I have not given up thinking about 'better technology life'. Entering the field of Internet smart home is a new attempt for oneself, and it is also a decision to stick to the heart. As Liu Zuohu said: 'The decision to join the Internet smart home field also has our care and deliberation, but in the end, we are still deeply rooted in the desire for 'better technology life' and push us to take another step forward. . '

Figure: Liu Zuohu's long Weibo full text